He Hears Our Cries – Melinda Maness

Paula HillIn my distress I called upon the Lord, and cried out to my God; He heard my voice from His temple, and my cry came before Him, even to His ears (Psalm 18:6). Have you ever been in a room full of noisy, laughing, screaming children playing, and then all of a sudden you hear one single voice? Not because it is louder or because it is closer but because it is your child. In the middle of a Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurant full of children, I can hear my child call for me. On the flip side, I can be in a dead sleep and instantly be awakened by the smallest whimper or beginning of a cry. That sound can travel all the way down the hall, into my room, and straight into my ears. I think as moms our ears are “tuned in” to our children’s sounds. I think of that when I read Psalm 18:6. When we call to God, our sound or our voice goes straight to His ears. Our cry travels through the atmosphere, through the heavens, into His throne room and to His ears. How comforting is that? If we as mere humans can train our ears to single out our children’s voices, just think how much more our sovereign God can do! When it comes to my children, more times than not, their calls for me or their cries are just a way for them to know I am still there. Just a pat on the back or a simple whisper, “It’s ok, I’m right here,” and then off they go back to play or sleep or whatever they were doing. Sometimes, it’s enough just to know God hears us and to know He is there.

Melinda Maness is the daughter of Tim and Paula Hill

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