Pray For Judy Clapsaddle of Soul Purpose

unnamedJudy Clapsaddle of Soul Purpose had emergency surgery last night. She was septic and unable to breathe. They said her organs were in failure. They could not give anesthesia due to her already severely low blood pressure.

Here is an update from her daughter, Misty Clapsaddle:

Update: Doctors have given Mom a less than 10% chance of getting through this. She is not improving at this time. Mom is now on 3 different blood pressure medicines to try to keep her stabilized. Dad has provided a DNR. I am heading to the hospital soon and will update further as I know more. Saints pray for strength for us all! God is STILL bigger than this mountain and a more powerful than this problem. We are continuing to trust in His plan even through the valley.

Please pray for Judy and the entire Clapsaddle family.


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