God Will Supply All Your Needs – Melinda Maness

Melinda ManessAnd my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19).

Recently, I had the awesome opportunity to travel to Haiti! It
was life-changing to say the least. While I was there, I was
able to spend some time at an orphanage. The orphanage where I stayed was fairly well supported from people in the United States and is extremely blessed. However, as I quickly discovered, not all orphanages are quite so fortunate.

My favorite part of the experience was when we loaded a truck with rice, beans, bread, oil, and peanut butter and left to
deliver these supplies to several other orphanages close by. The thankfulness from even the youngest children we saw while we were there was astonishing. The lady in charge of our group and I had a chance to stand back and watch the excitement that was going on as the food was being distributed. She turned and said to me, “With this food, the children will be able to eat once a day for several weeks.” I just made a face like how sad these poor children can eat only once a day. She quickly responded by saying, “Without this food they would go five or six days without eating at all!” The first thought that struck me was how spoiled I am. If I don’t have three meals a day, I feel like I’m doing without. But one meal a day to these children is something to be celebrated.

This got me thinking about how God doesn’t just hand
out “standardized blessings.” He doesn’t make prepackaged
bundles that we have to pick and choose what we need. He gives
GRACE NOTES 51 “specialized blessings” instead. He knows our specific need. If we came marching in with enough food for three meals a day for these children, although they would be thankful, they wouldn’t know what to do with it all. One meal a day is what they need to sustain their lives. On the other hand, if we had only enough to feed our children once a day, they would be hungry by bedtime.

My point is, my God is a God who will supply all MY needs, all
YOUR needs, and all THEIR needs, according to His riches in
glory. We don’t have to survive on a blessing He has created for
someone else. He has one that’s just for you.

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