Heavens Mountain Band Involved In Bus Fire

Nashville, TN (April 3, 2017) Late Saturday night Heavens Mountain Band had a fire that consumed their bus. The Alabama based group arrived back home around 2 a.m. after singing with the McKameys in Roanoke, Alabama. Close to 4 a.m., they received a call from the Belmont Police Department telling them that their bus was on fire. The fire destroyed the bus, their sound equipment, their product and some of their instruments.
“Nothing will change other than using different equipment and traveling in something different. God is great and the message we carry will always be the same,” stated Roger Johnson.
“We are so thankful that no one was on the bus when the fire broke out. This could have turned out far worse. A bus can be replaced; people can’t,” added Les Butler. The group asks that fans be in prayer for Heavens Mountain Band during this difficult time. The group is not expected to miss any engagements on their schedule. For more information, go to

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