Keep Praying For Tracy Stuffle

Taken from Libbi Perry Stuffle’s FaceBook Page:

I debated about posting anything concerning Tracy’s current situation but here it is. We made it back home to Hendersonville, TN Wednesday morning. As you know Tracy was in the hospital in PA all weekend due to acute inflamed pancreatitis and inflamed gallbladder. When I went to get Tracy up Weds he had a fever, his oxygen was in low 80s and his AFIB was elevated more than usual for him. I brought him to ER in Nashville. He was admitted with chronic UTI, light case of pneumonia and infected gallbladder. Thursday morning about 8AM he was transferred to the ICU where his AFIB was out of control and oxygen was low. Drs decided that the gallbladder had to come out before it caused some major dangerous issues. As you well know from past history nothing is normal with Tracy’s health. Tracy was taken to surgery about 45 mins ago to remove the gallbladder. Please pray for Tracy and Dr. Rosen doing the surgery. We were told that Tracy would be put on a ventilator during and after the surgery due to his low oxygen rate. They are several risks involved in this surgery due to Tracy’s past health issues. I will update you as soon as we know something.
The group is keeping ALL dates this weekend!! Please go out and support them!!

Tracy Stuffle Update 4/14/17 – 7:30PM
Sorry it has taken me a while to post update. He came thru surgery fine. He is on the ventilator. Will start weaning him off of it in the morning. He was given a shot to paralyze his body so he can rest tonight. The main Dr that he’s had from the stroke days here at hospital was NOT happy about the shot. He wanted to get him roused and off the vent tonight. I guess he wants to make sure all is well. Surgeon said T’s gallbladder was different from any he has taken out. He said you gallbladder runs | up and down. Tracy’s was running – side ways and laying on top of his liver. That is what took longer to do surgery. It was also filled with many stones.
We will know more tomorrow when he wakes up, because he is knocked out right now.

Thank you for every prayer, text message, phone calls and emails!!! We will take all the prayers we can get and then some!! Please keep praying!! Go GOD Go!!!!!!!

Update 9:03pm
He just woke up and was trying to talk but can’t due to vent tube in his throat. I can read his lips and he says he’s not hurting. Wanted to know when he was gonna get vent out. Nurse just gave him some light sedation meds to keep him relaxed and sleepy. Also his oxygen on vent has been cut back to 60 % and his stat is still 98!
Whoop, whoop, God is AWESOME!!!

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