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I am so blessed to have such a wonderful mother and two beautiful daughters. I can relate to both the “mother” and “daughter” titles, and I feel very fortunate to claim each of those names.

I did not give birth to one of my daughters, Amber. She came into my life when she was just five years old, but the fact that she did not come from my womb does not change my love for her. She has grown up in our household and become a wonderful woman in our community where she has earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and is an RN who oversees several nurses on a unit in our local hospital. She is married to a wonderful young man who is a hard worker and provider for his family. He is also an elder at the church where they attend. They have given us an active and wonderful grandson who is now ten years old. As a nurse, Amber was so helpful to my brother Shannon when he was diagnosed with his cancer ordeal. She was faithful to help him until his passing in 2011. She eased the burden for both so many in the family by stepping up and helping him in so many ways. Amber was ten years old when her sister, Courtney was born, and she was just like a little momma to her. The two have grown to be very dear friends, as well as sisters, as they have grown into womanhood.

Many of you already know Courtney since she is part of our singing ministry. Courtney is a tremendous vocalist and adds so much to our concerts. She loves the Lord with all her heart and also loves people in the same way. She graduated with honors from Belmont University College of Law in Nashville, Tennessee, has passed the bar exam in both Tennessee and Kentucky and is working for a large firm in Clarksville, Tennessee. It was sometimes a struggle for her to try to study during law school and still be an active part of ministry, and while there were times that she couldn’t go with us, she still managed to make most of the concert dates. While she is working very hard at her new job, she has still managed to make time to be part of our ministry. I am very blessed to have two daughters who love the Lord and have servant’s hearts. I love them both very much!

I am also blessed to have such a wonderful mother that many of you already know. Mom (Marlene) is still an active part of our ministry, and while she has spoken of stepping down, we just haven’t allowed her to finalize that decision as of yet. We know that many people would miss her encouraging and uplifting words during our concerts and her personality and love for people is incomparable. She has written some great songs over the years for both our family and many other groups. There would just be something missing from our ministry if she were not a part of it. Mom has such a giving and loving heart. She is always preparing food for those who might be sick, she sends cards to cheer those who might be suffering in some way, she offers words of encouragement to those who might be in need and loves her family and others with unconditional love. She is one of the wisest people that I know and certainly a great prayer warrior. I don’t know of anyone that I had prefer to pray for me than Mom. I just stand in awe of her. Many of you may know that Mom is suffering from macular degeneration which has greatly affected her eyesight. She is very active, loves to read her Bible and work puzzles, so the problem has been a little unsettling, but she is remaining positive in spite of it. She suffered greatly when my brother, Shannon, passed away in 2011 of adrenal cancer. I think that is the most heart-wrenching event that she has ever experienced, yet she was faithful through it all and finds hope in the fact that we will see Shannon again.

I feel that I am a better Mom because I have had such a great teacher in my own Mom. I am doubly-blessed because I have the best of both worlds-a wonderful Mom and wonderful daughters. Happy Mother’s Day to those of you who also get to share this special title.

With love and blessings from a proud mother and daughter,


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