Karen Harding

Heaven’s Jubilee

Karen Harding

This month includes Father’s Day.  Not a day goes by that I don’t miss my Dad.  Heaven holds a lot of people I can’t wait to reunite with.  One of my Dad’s favorite songs to sing and play, on  the piano, was “Heaven’s Jubilee”

In honor of my Dad, I want to share some lyrics from this song, written by Dad Speer!

“Some glad morning we shall see Jesus in the air, Coming after you and me, Joy is ours to share, what rejoicing there will be when the saints shall rise, headed for that Jubilee yonder in the skies!

Chorus: Oh what singing, Oh what shouting, On that happy morning when we all shall rise, Oh what glory, Hallelujah, when we meet our blessed Savior in the skies!!

When with all the heavenly host we begin to sing, Singing in the Holy Ghost, how the Heav’ns will ring, millions there will join the song, with them we shall be, Praising Christ thru ages long, Heaven’s Jubilee!!!!!

I know you’re singing along now.  It’s hard not to! What a song and what a hope!

Can somebody say “Amen”?  Blessings!

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