REVIEW: The Bakers – Why Should I Worry

Producer:  The Bakers
Label:  Independent Release

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Back around the turn of the century (2001), a group called the Sons Family came on the scene that I absolutely fell in love with.  The group consisted of mom, Gayle Sons, along with her daughter and son in law, Charlotte and Eric Baker.  While, technically, they weren’t the greatest singers to ever grace a stage, they had a unique sound and their music spoke to me immensely.  Then about 5 years or so later, they basically fell off the radar.  Fast forward to 2017, and I am elated to find that Eric and Charlotte are back and singing with their daughter, Abbi as the Bakers.  Featuring a sound very similar to the Sons Family, this family unit has a lot to offer and I look forward to hearing more from them!

Eric starts off with the melancholy feel of “RICH MAN” before the tempo picks up a bit for the triumphant, “IT HAD TO BE GOD”, which also features Eric.

Going back to their roots, the Bakers revived a couple of favorites from their days as the Sons Family and do a great job with “WHEN I START MY DAY WITH YOU” and “COMFORT IN THE STORM”.

Several years ago, LordSong recorded the tremendous song “STRONGER FOR IT” and I wondered if anyone would ever pick it back up.  Glad the Bakers brought this great song back!  While it’s not as dynamic as LordSong’s version, Eric does a good job interpreting the lyric of this powerful song.

Eric and Charlotte’s daughter, Abbi, sings, “JESUS HELP ME TO STAND”.  Originally recorded years ago by Karen Peck & New River, Abbi turns in an honorable performance.  Age and experience will come into play as she continues to grow as a singer and she has great teachers in Eric and Charlotte!

Charlotte steps up to sing the triumph of the recording, “LET’S MEET BY THE RIVER”.  Though a hit for the Spencers over 25 years ago, the Bakers make it sound like a new song and sounds absolutely splendid!  I have to admit I hit the repeat button a couple of times on this song.

Charlotte also sings her own penned tune, “WHY SHOULD I WORRY” and is also a highlight of the recording.  Making the rounds on the revival circuit and sung by numerous other artists, it’s great hearing the heart of the songwriter sing this emotionally tinged song.

Eric steps up to sing another emotionally charged song, “ONE TIME TOO MANY”, which is a stark warning of waiting too late to pray.

The recording closes out with, “UPPER ROOM”, which is the only uptempo song on the recording and ends the recording on a high note.

Overall, this is a good recording.  There are some variations on the overall quality of the recording, as there is some inconsistency in the quality of the tracks.  I also would have liked to have heard a few more uptempo songs as well.  That aside, they have a good recording on their hands and it was absolutely a joy to find them singing again and still putting out great heartfelt music!


Track Listing:
(stars denote personal favorites)

Rich Man
It Had to be God
When I Start my Day With You**
Comfort in the Storm**
Stronger for it
Jesus Help me to Stand
Let’s Meet by the River**
Why Should I Worry**
One Time Too Many**
Upper Room

James Hales

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