REVIEW: The Old Paths – Long Run

Producer:  Jeff Collins
Label:  Sonlite Records


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I was shocked and saddened when The Old Paths came off the road at the end of 2015.  I was thrilled and elated when they decided they were coming back too!  These guys are at the top of their game and though they have been off the road for about a year and a half, it feels like they never left.  They picked up where they left off and picked up some extra steam along the way!  This ranks as one of the top releases for 2017, even if it is an EP and not full recording!

Classic quartet sounds abound with the opening toe-tapper, “PEACE IS ON THE WAY”, penned by Rebecca Peck and Dianne Wilkinson before the tempo slows down for the medium tempo title song, “IN THE LONG RUN”, written by Rodney Birch, who has been a big part in The Old Path’s success!

Steve Ladd steps up to sing “BROKEN PEOPLE LIKE ME” and it’s a highlight of the recording.  The sweeping strings and thought provoking lyrics, make this a strong single contender and possible #1 song.

Country sounds abound with the Cajun flavor of the uptempo, “TANGLED IN THE MIDDLE”.  Featuring Daniel Ashmore, the song has a tune that sticks with you long after the music stops!  The song has such an abrupt stop at the end, I was expecting the fiddle to get cranked back up for an encore!

Tim Rackley sings the powerful, “AT THE NAME OF JESUS” before closing out with the toe-tapper, “MY EVERYDAY LIFE”, written by Sandi Knight.

Any group who is coming back on the scene after an extended time off the road would want to come back with a recording of this caliber!  This recording accents everything their fans love about The Old Paths and they come back with a fresh vigor and sound, while retaining what the fans love about the group.  They win the “Comeback of the Decade” award and if this recording is any indication of the future…look out!  My only let down with this recording was there aren’t enough songs!


Track Listing:
(stars denote personal favorites)

Peace is on the Way**
In the Long Run
Broken People Like Me**
Tangled in the Middle**
At the Name of Jesus**
My Everyday Life**

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