Doug Anderson Back from Inspirational Tour Through Norway and Sweden

Nashville, TN (September 28, 2017) – StowTown Records artist Doug Anderson is still soaring after an awe-inspiring trip through Norway and Sweden. He soaked in the sights and sounds in various cities in which he performed, including Arendale, Kvinlog, Lyngdale, Moi, Flekkejord, Stavanger and Haugesund.

Anderson was honored to end his time abroad performing for three nights at the largest Swedish music festival, Skjaergards Sing. Appearing alongside other artists including Bill Maxwell, Fletch Wiley, Russ Taff and the Oslo Gospel Choir, Doug was blessed to be singing with a live band in front of over 3,000 people each night.

“Performing in front of the Norwegian and Swedish crowds with a live band was one of my career highlights,” Doug reflects. “Their love for Jesus is overwhelming and inspiring.”
Anderson was well received by both music fans and festival staff alike. Skjaergards Sing promoter Morten Skjaevestad exclaimed, “Doug Anderson delighted our crowds with his music, his energy and his smile.”

“They were so kind and really embraced me and the message I had to bring,” Doug said. “I will never forget them and hope to do it again sometime.”


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