REVIEW: The Akins – Eyes On the Road

Producer: Nick Akin/The Akins
Record Label: Independent

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It’s been 3 years since the Akins have released any music, so I was excited to find out these guys had a new recording out.  If you’re a fan of the Akins, you will thoroughly enjoy this recording.  As true innovative musical creators, this is a labor of love for these guys and they pour everything they have into each song.

A steady drum beat with voices declaring, “Eyes on the road, I’ll follow after You” gets the recording off and running with the title song, “EYES ON THE ROAD”.  With minimal music accompaniment outside of what is noted above, along with guitar and bass, each member makes their declaration on this uptempo number before whistling commences and we’ve moved on to the upbeat, “SEEK FIRST”, which features Nick Akin.

The tempo slows down for the honest song that I’m sure many married couples can relate to, “I NEED YOUR LOVE TO LOVE HER”.  I love the honest prayer in this song, “I need Your love to love her, when I’m at my worst, I need Your strength to hold her, when she doesn’t show love first, Your humbleness to give her the man that she deserves…” before the tempo picks back up a bit for “YOU’LL NEVER BREAK A PROMISE”.

The tempo slows back down for “DYING TO BE WITH YOU”, as Nick reminds us of the sacrifice Christ made for us to be with Him before the tempo picks back up a bit for “DOWN TO NOTHING”.

Eli steps up to sing the touching “THE LULLABY”, which he and his wife Whitney penned in honor of their children.  Any couple praying for a child or expecting one can relate to these lyrics, “Me and mama wait for you, every night we pray for you, can’t wait to say your name, can’t wait to see your face, every day we think of you, we hope that you’ll come soon, ‘cause me and mama wait for the lullabies to fill our empty home tonight.”

Nick steps back up to sing the honest prayer in song, “GOD REVIVE US”.  As one of the highlights of the recording, it should be hearts cry of every believer…“God revive us, we’ve been asleep, it’s time to wake up and be Your hands and feet, our lights are so dim the lost can’t see, so God revive us and let it begin in me.”

Rounding out the recording are the songs “IT ALL COMES BACK” and “AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE”.

As I stated at the beginning, it’s been 3 years since the Akins have released any music.  Taking it further, it’s been 5 years since they released a recording with brand new material (their last recording featured their renditions of classic hymns and favorites), so it was refreshing to hear some brand new music from these guys.  I remain impressed at their musicianship, songwriting and production work, as they handle everything themselves.  They are obvious perfectionists and work very hard at their God-given craft.  They sing their songs with conviction and craft some great songs filled with the Word and intertwined with their own life experiences, and written in a fresh and exciting way.  I know these guys can “tear it up” musically, so I was really hoping for a barn burner or two to break up the multitude of medium tempo songs found here.  As creative as these guys are, I noted in a previous review that utilizing someone like Michael Sykes would be an excellent move on their behalf to explore some unchartered territory for these guys.  Someone like Sykes could really get the creative juices flowing and build on what these guys already hear in their heads and their hearts!  Nonetheless, this is an excellent recording filled with brand new tunes done in their own unique style that their fans will thoroughly enjoy.


Track Listing:
(stars denote personal favorites)

Eyes on the Road
Seek First**
I Need Your Love to Love Her**
You’ll Never Break a Promise
Dying to Be With You**
Down to Nothing**
The Lullaby**
God Revive Us**
It All Comes Back|
As For Me and My House

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