REVIEW: The Whisnants – Still the Same

Producer: Trey Ivey
Record Label: UIA

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The Whisnants have been singing Gospel Music for many years and are no stranger to the industry. Having a recent history of releasing “meat on the bone” lyrics with absolutely luscious orchestration and production, their new release Still The Same is no exception. Some of the industry’s best writers such as Rodney Griffin, Reba-Rambo McGuire and Kyla Rowland teamed up to write 12 great tunes for Jeff, Aaron and Susan. Also featured are newer writers Dale Spencer and Wendy Ferguson. The Whisnants embrace newer writers and this is something that should be recognized and applauded by fans and industry professionals the same.

The first track and current single is “He’s Never Moved” written by Devin McGlamery, Joseph Habedank, and Wendy Ferguson. Cajon-style orchestration and simple lyrics with a mega-message completely kick off the project in a marvelous manner and is sure to do well on radio.

To go through and list the best three songs, would be nearly impossible. You have songs like “Keep Me Close” that stands as an anthem for all “struggling” believers. Then, you have the country-themed “I’ve Seen What It Can Do”, that is sure to make a congregation stand to their feet and shout for the tomb is empty and though we may have not seen it face to face yet, we’ve felt it’s power, great Rodney Griffin tune. “Keep Counting Stars” could be easily titled the best song on the project, reminding the listener of the days of brother Abraham and his obedience to sacrifice that turned into prosperity from the Lord above. Also mention worthy is “Lord Of All Of Me”, written by upcoming writer, Dale Spencer along with Rachel McCutcheon, whom the Whisnants have cut several songs from in the past. This song was written from the perspective of co-writer Dale’s struggle with his son having seizure activity. Undoubtly, his faith needed a spiritual increase or “boost” and Dale spoke to me and told me, “That’s when the Lord of all became Lord of all of me”. This would be a chart-top radio choice, in my opinion. Absolutely incredible song.

From the first note of “He’s Never Moved” (current single) to the final orchestra stab on “Lord Of All Of Me”, you aren’t missing a thing. This is quite possibly the best Whisnants release in years. Walk Of Faith was the best Whisnants release since 2011, however – Still The Same completely knocks it out of the park, beyond “Walk Of Faith”, which is still a fabulous album. That being said, Trey Ivey – great production. Writers – incredible lyrics. Whisnants – well done!

Track Listing:

He’s Never Moved
Keep Me Close
I’ve Seen What It Can Do
Caught Away
The Lord Has Stood By Me
I’m Gonna Live Forever
Keep Counting
The Last Time I Saw Him
The Ground Is Level
Lord of All of Me


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Matthew Lawson

Matthew Lawson is an up and coming songwriter with Crossroads Music Publishing and rising artist in his own right. A passion for God's kingdom and His people lights his path at almost 19 years of age. Matthew currently resides in Monroe, North Carolina.
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