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Looking At The Signs

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You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times. Matthew 16:3

Spring is on its way! Hallelujah! I know it is! I saw some daffodils blooming along the roadside the other day. I saw a robin on a tree limb chirping a cheerful song. The grass in the fields and in my yard is getting greener and may need cutting very soon. Oh, yes, spring is definitely on its way. The signs are everywhere and I can hardly wait.

We need to be ready for spring. We will need to get those air conditioners tuned up and ready for the heat that will follow. We will need to make sure that the lawnmowers are all fueled up and ready to cut the grass. We will need to get those gardening tools sharpened, and I will be listening for the chirping of baby birds in the trees outside my kitchen window. I am expecting that to happen very soon.

Jesus is on His way! Hallelujah! I know He is! I listened to the news this morning and heard about the earthquakes and floods around the world. I heard about wars and rumors of wars in various places around the globe. There is evil all around which is evident in the school shootings around our country where students and teachers have been murdered in what they thought were safe classrooms. Unborn babies are being ripped from their mother’s wombs. Tragedies and disasters are being reported on a daily basis. Oh, yes, Jesus is definitely on His way. The signs are everywhere and I can hardly wait!

We need to be ready for Jesus’ coming. We need to be sure that our hearts are tuned up and that we have admitted that we are sinners who believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose again and confessed our sins to Him. We should be sure that, as Christians, we are prayed up and fueled up by studying the Word that is sharper than a two-edged sword. I will be listening for the trumpet sound announcing His return. I am expecting that to happen very soon.
We hope you are ready for spring, but more importantly, we pray that you are ready for Christ’s return. If not, it is our prayer that you will make those preparations very soon.

Signs of the times are everywhere.
There’s a brand new feeling in the air.
Keep your eyes upon the eastern sky.
Lift up your head, redemption draweth nigh.

-from the song “Redemption Draweth Nigh”

Childress Family

Ken and Marlene Childress began singing with their children, Teresa, Carla and Shannon, almost 40 years ago. Ken had been singing with a quartet called The Golden Keys. But when he and Marlene discovered that their children were blessed with the ability to sing harmony and play instruments at a young age, they decided to form The Childress Family. Teresa played the piano and a short time later, Carla picked up the bass guitar and began to play. Their son, Shannon, was a high tenor singer until about age 13, when his voice went to the other end of the spectrum and he sang low bass. Marlene has been blessed with the ability to write some wonderful songs that have been recorded by numerous artists in the gospel music industry.
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