REVIEW: Art McAllister – Offering of Praise

Producer: Information Not Provided
Record Label: Gospel One Records

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I must admit I have never heard of Art McCallister, nor was I able to find out anything about him on the internet.  His style of music is more like praise & worship and contemporary which I am not fond of, but I did find this project not too bad to listen to.

Starting off the project is “Jesus There’s No One Like You,” a mellow medium tempo song.   The next several selections are slow ones including the title cut “An Offering of Praise,” along with “We Sing Praises To Your Name” and “All Honour.”  

The tempo picks back up with “In Your Presence” and “Even Though.” Slowing back down again is “Order My Steps.”  You will find “All Honour” on here in several different versions. The “segue” version means to make transition without pause from one musical number or theme to another. The “unplugged” version means it is performed with acoustic rather than electronically amplified instruments. Finishing up this project is “Praise Your Holy Name.”

For those of you who like the praise & worship or more contemporary style, you will find this project an easy listen and one for your collection. As for me, give me a male quartet singing southern gospel music any day over this style but I know there are those who love this kind of music. As long as the message is still there regardless of the style, it is fine with me and what a dull world it would be if we all liked the same thing or same style of music!

Track Listing:

Jesus There’s No One Like You
An Offering Of Praise
We Sing Praises To Your Name
All Honour
In Your Presence
All Honour (Segue)
Even Though
Order My Steps
All Honour (Unplugged)
Praise Your Holy Name


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Carol Lawson

Carol Lawson has been actively involved in gospel music for over 30 years, working with many groups doing bookings and concert promotions. Carol was a gospel radio DJ for 9 years, and she previously wrote articles and concert reviews for CMP Magazine and SGImpact.
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