REVIEW: The Isaacs – Favorites: Revisted By Request

Producer: Ben Isaacs
Record Label: Gaither Music Group

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One of the identifying features of Southern Gospel in the past 50 years is the family harmony as one defining feature. Most families in Southern Gospel Music render a more traditional approach patterned after the 4-part style of traditional quartets. However, the Isaacs set out to carve a niche of a blend of Southern, Bluegrass, and Country Gospel into one package. In the past 25 years, the Isaacs have garnered national attention with much acclaim. Their newest offering is a look back to several of their most-requested tunes performed with a current perspective.

As the Isaacs are known for their soaring a cappella harmonies, the family treats listeners to a rendition in the opener, “The Star Spangled Banner.” While seemingly straight-forward, the Isaacs give their unique blend with the focus remaining on the patriotic anthem. The family continues with re-affirmed passion in tunes like “It Is Well (Elisha’s Song)” and “He Understands My Tears” and “Is Not This the Land of Beulah?”. While many tunes adhere to the original arrangement, the vocals in each tune render more mature emotion than the previous cuts.

While many Southern Gospel listeners may not search out a “revisited” type of recording since some typically record the same songs with very little change – if any change at all. As the Isaacs take the listener through a trove of fan favorites, they each show more familiarity with the lyrics and the over-arching message of God’s faithfulness and care. Most notable is the more emotional perspective in “Stand Still” and “From the Depths of My Heart.” Updating arrangements throughout the recording only enhances the integrity of the original scores. Fans of the Isaacs (casual and long-time fans) will find a quite enjoyable listen. Be sure to give this project a listen!

Track Listing:
(stars denote personal favorites)

The Star-Spangled Banner
It Is Well (Elisha’s Song)
He Never Failed Me**
Is Not This The Land Of Beulah (with DeEss’ing)
He Ain’t Never Done Me Nothin’ But Good
He Understands My Tears
I’ve Come To Take You Home**
I Have A Father Who Can**
By His Stripes
Stand Still**
From The Depths Of My Heart**


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Andrew Stephens

Andrew hails from Anderson, SC and has lived here all 25 years of his life. As a child, he attended concerts in the area and instantly became hooked on the concept of Southern Gospel music. His music collection has expanded to over 1,000 artist recordings as well as several compilations (including record label & radio promotions comps). For a couple of years or so, Andrew hosted a blog, "Southern Gospel Review", and did articles ranging from specialty (Hits of the Past), album reviews (CD, DVD, & Vinyl), and other interesting tidbits (recording oddities, etc.).
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