REVIEW: Debra Perry & Jaidyn’s Call – Time to Walk On Water

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Record Label: Gold Rush Records

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Debra Perry & Jaidyn’s Call have been singing for eight years but have a rich history in gospel music. Many recognize Debra Perry Reed’s powerful vocals from her time with her family group The Perrys. Debra and her husband Chris along with Zach Smith are based out of Dahlonega, Georgia and have a great mixed trio sound.

The project kicks off with the fast paced “Promises of God” and flows nicely into “Caught Up.” Both are strong songs that I am sure go over well in concert and would do well in radio, too! Both songs features all three singers and their solid sound.

“Glorious Day” is another barn- burner and hand clapping song and will possibly sound familiar to many, it’s the old hymn with a new twist on it. Great job, guys! Debra is up to the mic for the title track “It’s Time to Walk on Water,” and it’s one of the strongest songs on the the project. Her vocal delivery is solid. Her tones remind you of her sister, Libbi Perry Stuffle. You can definitely hear the family sound there. Debra does a great job!

Things slow down a bit for “No One Loves You More than Jesus Does,” and this is a beautiful, tender ballad and is very well done. It’s a great song of encouragement and reminds us how much Jesus truly loves us! “Rock Of Ages” is a middle of the road tune and is a definite favorite on this project. The group’s harmony is top notch here, and this song will do great in concert, for sure. A great song of hope!

The project closes with “Somebody Pray,” and this is a timely song indeed. “For the one who needs Salvation, for the hurt and the confused. Somebody pray….” great words. It’s a great song of truth and an anthem and call to every listener!

Debra Perry and Jaidyn’s Call does a great job. They are singing great songs and singing them well. I am excited to see what else is to come for this trio!

Track Listing:

Promises of God
Caught up
Glorious Day
It’s Time to Walk on Water
No One Loves You More Than Jesus Does
Rock of Ages
Somebody Pray


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Jennifer Wilkerson

Jennifer Wilkerson, recording artist, singer and speaker is a preacher’s daughter from Illinois, and has spent her life in ministry. She studied Music and Education at Olivet Nazarene University and has been a school teacher, worship leader, background vocalist, worked in the music industry in various capacities and also sung with such southern gospel groups as The Chuck Wagon Gang, and McMillan and Life. Jennifer married Dr. Bob Wilkerson in October 2009 and had twin daughters in 2015.
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