REVIEW: Jordan Family Band – Reach

Producer: Jeff Collins
Record Label: Skyland Records/Crossroads Music Group

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Those who like their gospel country, will find a lot to enjoy about the Jordan Family Band.  Featuring husband and wife, Joshua and Randa Jordan, along with their children Hutch (18 yrs old), Alex (13 yrs old) and Grant (soon to be 11 yrs old), this family is winning fans across the country with their heartfelt vocals and distinctive country sound.  Despite their very country sound, there is quite a bit of variety found on here, which keeps your interest up and makes for a really nice listening experience.

The up-tempo “YOU”, featuring young Alex, start things off reminding us that we are a reflection of Christ, before slowing down slightly for the medium tempo, “SHOUTING IN THE MIDDLE OF MY STORM”, which features Joshua and Randa and is a highlight of the recording, as is the great reminder, “GOD IS THERE”, which features an excellent performance by Randa.

The tempo really picks up for “YOU BETTER GET RIGHT” before slowing back down for the sentimental, country balladry feel of, “HEAVEN IS JUST A MEMORY AWAY”, which features the distinct country tones of family patriarch, Joshua.

Hutch steps up to sing, “NO LACK OF LOVE” before the tempo slows back down for another exceptional performance by Randa on “CALL ON JESUS”, which is a highlight of the recording.

Alex steps up to sing the first verse of the medium tempo, “GRACE IS STILL AMAZING ME” before the tempo gets kicked up into high gear for “MOVING ON”.  This will be one of those songs you will either love or hate, and I actually love it…I imagine it goes over really well in concert and is a fun song to listen to.

The recording closes out with a tremendous patriotic song, “OLD GLORY WAVES”, which features the family backed by the Voices of Lee.  While I am not a huge fan of patriotic songs, I really did like this song and it’s a grand closing to a really good recording.

Half of the songs on this recording were either written or co-written by Joshua Jordan, and he’s a really good songwriter and shows a lot of potential to be a really great writer, and I look forward to seeing that come to fruition.  He has surrounded himself with a couple of great co-writers to glean from…Rebecca Peck and Ricky Atkinson.

The group sounds best when Randa takes the lead and they sound the most country when Joshua takes the lead.  The kids are growing into their voices and they show a lot of potential (especially Alex).  So while the group sounds great, there is so much more growth that’s going to happen…so stay tuned!  This was my first introduction to the group and I was impressed with what I heard and look forward to hearing more from this family in the years to come!


Track Listing:
Stars denote personal favorites

Shouting in the Middle of my Storm**
God is There**
You Better Get Right (Or Ya Gonna Get Left)
Heaven is Just a Memory Away
No Lack of Love
Call on Jesus**
Grace is Still Amazing Me**
Moving on**
Old Glory Waves**


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