Michael Combs Celebates 2 Year Kidney Transplant Success

 Todd, NC – January 17, 2019

For Gospel singing sensation, Michael Combs, the month of January is the anniversary of a most important day in his life. On January 9, 2017, Michael received a drastically needed kidney, and the surgery was a complete success, enabling Michael to continue the call on his life of singing and Ministering the Gospel.

 In many cases the good news of receiving a kidney for transplant comes as the result of a tragedy to the family of someone else. This was the situation for the Norton Family. Randall Norton of Harriman, TN, Died on January 6, 2017. While on his way to work he was killed on his motorcycle. He was not married but loved animals and all sports. He was the only son of Trula and James Norton. When organs are donated by a departing individual, the parties are not allowed to know who donated or who received the donated organ.

In an effort to find some good in their son’s passing, the Norton’s sought to find out who Randall’s kidney went to and how that person was doing. To Reviews their dismay they could not find out. At the same time Michael sent a letter to the Norton’s asking the foundation to please get the letter expressing his gratitude to the donors parents, signing it only “Michael”.

UT Medical Center in Knoxville, TN had mailed the Norton’s the card Michael had written to the family but, for some reason it took one year for the card to reach the hands of the Nortons. Mrs Norton UT called several times about the card Because she was so blessed by his words. Michael’s was the only card they received out of all the organ recipients.

 However this past October when Michael preformed at Dollywood during the Gospel Festival, as he was sharing how the Lord has blessed him through the years with his health he Mentioned the date of January 9, 2017, when he was blessed with a new kidney. Someone in the audience Knew The Norton Family and Knew Randall was an organ donor. So, they told the family what Michael shared from the stage. Deanna (sister of Trula Norton) got on Facebook and social media to find That Famous Gospel Singer and found Michael Combs. She told her sister Trula, who called UT Medical Center and asked them if Michael Combs is the one that sent her that card? She was told they could not tell, but maybe she can contact him and find out. At that time she made her first phone call to Michael’s office.

Denise Combs, Michael’s wife relates, “Trula Norton’s phone call was not the first call that had come into the office of Michael Combs saying they Knew who the donor was, however this caller did say they had received a letter that they thought was written by Michael Combs. “.

On January 5, 2019, Trula and James Norton went to see Michael Combs in concert and brought the letter with them. What an event that was, allowing all of them to have some closure from everything that had transpired between the death of Randall and the miraculous help to Michael’s ministry.

Michael states, “The gift of Randall’s kidney has meant far more to me than I can say with words. It has given me” new life “. It’s given me the opportunity to continue doing what I’ve been doing for almost 30 years. To be Able to travel and sing without any restrictions. To not have to go to a dialysis clinic three times a week! To be Able to continue to share my story. The kidney transplant is another chapter in the story of God’s goodness and grace that He has shown to me in my life. Only God knows how many chapters are left to write. “.

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