REVIEW: Bates Family – Miracles

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Back in 1985, Gospel Music was filling with great talent from artists like the Talleys, McKameys, Gold City Quartet, and the Cathedral Quartet. Also, in 1985, the Bates Family, began their full-time musical journey, directed by Tim & LaDonna Bates. Through the years, the group has recorded a variety of songs including, “Everything,” “I’m Gonna Pray”, and “Song of the Redeemed.” Recently, the current version of the Bates Family (Tim & LaDonna Bates, Heather Meade) released a new recording, ‘Miracles.’

Delivering their style of Gospel Music with a distinct traditional sound, the Bates Family includes some mild Country flavor for listeners to enjoy. Beginning with “Dinner with the King”, the Bates Family invites everyone to a celebration with Jesus, the marriage supper. The up-tempo style continues to resound with songs like “All That Heaven Holds” and “Everybody Will Be Happy over There.” While the up-tempo tunes tend to sound more similar musically, the vocals render a solid blend to match the lyrics well.

On the other hand, the Bates Family offers the listener a variety of ballads, speaking on different areas of life. Songs like “Lay It Down” and “What a Miracle Looks Like” speak to the desperation of needing God to move in a difficult situation. The positive perspective in “Above the Clouds” speaks to the confidence that there is hope in all confusion. The strongest of ballads is the testimonial, “He Never Gave Up.” Shared as an encouragement of an overcomer, “He Never Gave Up” continues the message of hope and confidence.

As the Bates Family continues to write and produce music, ‘Miracles’ will continue to strengthen their exposure to the national level. Working more closely with arrangements and lyrics will give them the help to take their ministry to the next level. ‘Miracles’ provides listeners with a strong example of the Bates Family’s sound and style and is a positive step toward growing the ministry over the next few years.

Personal Picks: “He Never Gave Up”, “All That Heaven Holds”, “Redeemed”, and “Above the Clouds”


Andrew Stephens

Andrew hails from Anderson, SC and has lived here all 25 years of his life. As a child, he attended concerts in the area and instantly became hooked on the concept of Southern Gospel music. His music collection has expanded to over 1,000 artist recordings as well as several compilations (including record label & radio promotions comps). For a couple of years or so, Andrew hosted a blog, "Southern Gospel Review", and did articles ranging from specialty (Hits of the Past), album reviews (CD, DVD, & Vinyl), and other interesting tidbits (recording oddities, etc.).
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