Paul Ladd in Need of Immediate Prayer

Paul Ladd (of the Ladd Family and brother of Steve Ladd)  is currently in need of prayer. Below is what was posted on his wife Melissa‘s Facebook page earlier this weekend:

“My family and I need everyone who will to immediately come into agreement for the total and complete healing of my precious husband Paul. He is currently on life support in neuro ICU at the top hospital here in Florida with some of the nation’s leading doctors and nurses supervising his care. WE ARE IN NEED OF A MIRACLE. God knows every nuance of his condition, and when Daddy God releases me to give further details regarding the details of the situation, I gladly will. As of right now, I am simply asking everyone who has mustard seed faith to come together in agreement with me, pray, and BELIEVE God that He will do just what He said He would do- hear the prayers of His people and act according to their faith. The last thing Paul told me when he was able to talk was that he loved me with all of his heart and that no matter what, Jesus is King. So this morning, as I sit by his bedside, I ask you to do the same. Remember that JESUS IS KING, and the King takes care of His kids. When you gather for worship today, when you are riding in your car, or simply whenever the Lord brings the love of my life before your remembrance, please lift his name to the Father in prayer and praise Him in advance for a miracle. I will update as I can. I love you all.”


We will post more information as we receive it.

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