REVIEW: The King James Boys – Time to Go Home

Producer: Information Not Provided
Record Label: Pinecastle Records

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The King James Boys is a name I’m not familiar with. I was anxious to listen to this project. If you’re a bluegrass fan, this is an album you’ll definitely want. Personally, I am not too big on bluegrass. For this album I’d like to pick three songs and talk about them, since every song is pretty different. Let’s dive in!

Track 2, “He’s Holding On To Me” caught my ear and heart. It is a great upbeat song about the faithfulness of God. The lyric, “I’m not holding on to Jesus, He’s holding on to me” is one that all Christians can identify with.

“Was Not” is a catchy, blazing fast song about the Rapture. Pretty catchy and not your typical lyric. Should be a fan favorite, especially when done live!

“Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled” is another mention-worthy song taken straight from John 14. Simple mid-tempo tune, but, profound and quite possibly the greatest song on the project.

There are a few “pros” and “cons” to this project…

– The intros to each song are just too long. For the standard listener, there’s a chance they will get aggravated and not listen to the entire project if it’s just music for the first twenty seconds.
– The lyrics seem to “jump” every where, but for bluegrass, it DOES work.

– There is a great mixture of fast, medium and slow songs on this project. Production wise, it’s not “overdone”. Maybe a little “underdone”, but that is a good thing for this kind of project.
– There is an obvious anointing on these fellas. They know what/Who they’re singing about. That’s the main thing, right?

If you’re a bluegrass fan, this is a project you’ll want to add to your collection. Great job, KJB.

Track Listing:
The Master’s Standing By
He’s Holding On To Me
Was Nots
Signs Of The Times
Time To Go Home
That’s Love
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
He’ll See You Through
He Arose
Children Of God


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Matthew Lawson

Matthew Lawson is an up and coming songwriter with Crossroads Music Publishing and rising artist in his own right. A passion for God's kingdom and His people lights his path at almost 19 years of age. Matthew currently resides in Monroe, North Carolina.
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