REVIEW: Zane & Donna King – Beautiful Ever After

Producer: Zane & Donna King
Record Label: Journey Records

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Over the past 5 years or more, Zane & Donna King have established an easily identifiable sound on Gospel radio. Zane King’s years of songwriting and music production, combined with Donna King’s days with Hope’s Call in addition to her songwriting and music production, have proved to be a moving force in the Nashville scene. Having released several singles over the past few years, Zane & Donna King provide their first full-length project in 5 years with ‘Beautiful Ever After.’

Kicking off ‘Beautiful Ever After’ is the easy-flowing, “Hallelujah and Amen.” As the project begins, Zane & Donna offer a unique twist on the Country style with more modern pop undertones. In addition to writing nearly all songs, Zane & Donna team up with songwriter, Marcia Henry, to offer “Let My Light So Shine.” This catchy tune will have the listener singing right along. In addition, the duo brightens the recording with “It Takes Jesus”, proving Christ’s mission for us all.

As the duo’s sound is built around Donna’s soprano vocal, the project continues to shine with their cover of “In the Garden.” Donna’s pure soprano singing blends the lasting lyrics with tinges of new melody throughout, offering listeners a unique take on the timeless classic. In addition to the heartfelt performance, Zane & Donna delight listeners with a poignant take on Christ’s love with the simple title, “Lovestruck.” Stories of those captivated by the love of Christ run throughout “Lovestruck” for a reminder of how far-reaching His love goes. Zane continues the testimony of Christ’s love with the reminder, “God of Every Moment.” I enjoy songs that expose the roots of Christ’s journey, and “God of Every Moment” does just that.

While many may be unfamiliar with the songs & style of Zane & Donna King, I highly encourage everyone to give them a listen. Fun, catchy tunes, reminders of God’s faithfulness and love, and the strong vocals give listeners a well-produced collage of Zane & Donna’s talents. While the styles tend to sound similar in the more up-beat tunes, the lyrics remain fresh to catch the listener’s attention. ‘Beautiful Ever After’ offers the music world a unique perspective on the beauty of God’s grace, intertwined with His love and compassion for all who are willing to partake.

Track Listing:

Hallelujah & Amen
When I Get Where I’m Going
God of Every Moment
Let My Light So Shine
In the Garden
Be That Kind
How Faint the Whisper
It Takes Jesus
Beautiful Ever After


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Andrew Stephens

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