Getting to Know the PromisedLand Quartet

A couple years ago, I had the privilege to sing on a cruise with a group called the PromisedLand Quartet. I was very impressed with their sound and got to know them personally, throughout the week. I fell in love with these guys, and I believe you will too!

Victoria Bowlin: Tell the readers a little bit about the group. Where are you guys based out of?

PromisedLand Quartet: The group was formed in 2000 with myself (I’m Gene Hamman lead singer, sound tech, and owner) , Joey Wilson and 2 other guys. Originally, I was just a part owner of the group with one of the other guys, but after about 4 years into our existence, our situation changed, and I along with my wife Amy ended up owning the group. Those other guys moved on, and Joey stuck it out. Joey and I both had been a part of other ministries over the years, prior to starting PromisedLand.  Our goal was to work one weekend a month. That lasted about the first 4 or 5 months, but pretty soon we were being invited to different churches, public events, and several local promoters would book us on their events. It wasn’t long before churches and promoters in other states started calling, and we have been full steam ahead ever since. We needed a project, so Joey suggested that we enter a local talent contest hosted by another Gospel group from our area. They included a talent contest as a part of their annual homecoming.  We entered and won. But the rest of the story is, there were about 20 solo contestants, but we were the only contestant in the group category, so we won by default. However, it got us our first CD. Joey and I are starting our 20th year in Jan 2020, and its been an amazing 20 years! We’ve cut over 22 projects since that very first one.  Joey has been a tremendous friend, as well as very instrumental in our style, sound and helping me develop as a lead singer.  We are based out of the gorgeous Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, about 75 miles west of Washington, DC.  It’s a great location because we are not far from WV, MD, PA, and DE, which are all places that love Gospel Music.

VB: You’ve had some personnel changes in the past few months. Who does the group currently consist of?

PLQ: We’ve been so blessed to not have experienced a lot of personnel changes over the years, as we’ve had several members stay 10 years. We did, however, just hire a new bass vocalist. KC Armstrong, who held that position for 5 years, was also a member of the US Army, serving in the Army’s all male chorus. KC shared with us when we hired him five years ago that when he decided to retire from military life, his plan was to move his family back to the Knoxville area of TN.  In Jan of 2018, KC notified us that in 2019 he was indeed going to retire and his last date with us would be in Jan 2019.  KC is a man of the utmost integrity and will always be a trusted friend and a member of our PLQ family, not to mention an incredible singer.  Meanwhile, out in Oklahoma, a great quartet called Forgiv’n had announced that at the end of 2018 they were going to retire. It’s truly amazing how God works when we trust him.  Forgivn’s bass singer wanted to keep singing, so we hooked up with him, and he’s been doing an incredible job for us. His name is Bink Mooney, and when there’s more time, perhaps we can explain the first name. LOL.  Bink has a wealth of experience and has such a sweet Spirit. He loves the Lord, loves people, and loves to sing. Bink is one of the hardest working people I have ever encountered. He never stops, and 98% of what he does is helping others.

Our Baritone is Aaron Swain from Forest, VA. Many folks will remember his blog he would write while he was in college called Swains Musings . This young man is such a vital part of our ministry and is doing such a great job for us. He too has become a very precious friend and has grown so much in his singing, as well as his love for the Lord.  Aaron is only 26 but is a walking encyclopedia of Gospel music history.  He has a passion and desire that reminds me so much of myself when I was younger.  Group owners, a word of advice. Give these young guys a chance. They will surprise you on how quick they learn and can develop.  Aaron asked me for a chance, and I’ve never regretted that decision for one second. My granddaddy always said, “Take availability over ability, and the ability will grow into something special”. In Aaron’s case, he was right on. Tenor is Joey Wilson. Joey is an amazing vocalist, accomplished pianist, arranger, and producer. He owns his own studio and is really the mastermind behind our style and sound.  I can safely say that without Joey, PLQ would not have lasted 20 years.  He has set such an incredible example of how a quartet member is supposed to represent himself. The support he has given me over the years is really invaluable.  The guy would give you the shirt off of his back. I know people make that statement, but when it comes to Joey Wilson, it’s a fact.  He’s one of my very best friends, and words can’t begin to describe what he has meant to me, Amy, and the ministry of PromisedLand Quartet.

I can’t leave out my best friend, partner in life & business, my gorgeous wife Amy.  Anyone that has met her knows that I married up because she is so pretty and I’m ?? Well, not pretty haha. Amy plays such an intricate roll in our ministry. She handles a lot of the concert/event logistics and/or planning, tickets sales, product mail-outs, and the list gets longer and longer.  She has been so supportive over the years and always said she would continue her support as long as PLQ keeps ministry first.  I’ve tried my best not to let her or God down. Each time I slip-up, she’s right there to bring me back to reality and reminds me of why God has called me to sing this incredible music we all love.  God has blessed us with 3 sons, 2 grand children and an awesome church family at Antioch Church of the Brethren in Woodstock, VA. I mention our church family because our Pastor George Bowers and the whole church has shown so much love and support to our family and ministry over the years. I’m truly blessed beyond measure!!!!

VB: What’s your favorite song to sing LIVE?

PLQ: My personal favorite is a song called, Forever.  It’s a song my wife introduced to the group, and it has such an anointed message. The lyric is so powerful and reminds us that yes, our Savior did suffer betrayal, abuse, torture, and ultimately was murdered. However, as “The ground began to shake, the stone was rolled away, and his perfect love could not be overcome. Now death where is your sting? Our resurrected king has rendered you defeated. FOREVER HE IS GLORIFIED, FOREVER HE IS LIFTED HIGH, FOREVER HE IS RISEN, HE IS ALIVE, HE IS ALIVE.”   It’s a great song and time of worship every time we sing it.

VB: What’s your latest project available?

PLQ: I Love That Music

VB: Is there anything exciting going on with the PLQ right now?

PLQ: Every time we are granted with the opportunity to serve the Lord is exciting.  We just want to continue to share that Jesus loves each and everyone one of us, no matter our history. He’s right for whatever is wrong in our lives, He loves us, and we need to love each other.

VB: Do you feel like God’s been teaching you anything specific lately?

PLQ: Most definitely! He never stops revealing Himself, especially if we keep seeking Him. Lately, he has shown me that we can’t give up.  We must move forward in sharing the Gospel. People need encouragement, and the world doesn’t have the answer. There are things we can do to ease pain and to occupy or minds, to possibly give us temporary relief of what were going through, but God can make an eternal change that we can hold on to forever.

VB: What’s a typical day on the road like with PLQ?

PLQ: We have fun, enjoy each others company, and love working together. Lots of cutting up and joking. We really are having the time of our lives.

VB: What’s been one of the funniest moments while traveling?

PLQ: So many to choose from. Umm, let me think?  One time were singing at a church on a Sunday morning. The Pastor was at the pulpit, when a man comes in the door, runs down the aisle and hands the Pastor a note. We are sitting there having no clue, and like everyone else, was wondering what in the world is going on. The Pastor began to read the note saying that there was a problem.  The police had just reported that there was a group running around in a bus just like ours, pretending to be us, stealing all of our offerings, and table sales. The Pastor explained at this point that he wasn’t sure if we were the real PromisedLand or impostors.

Then, all of a sudden, music started to play. It was one of our songs, and out from back stage walked these 4 people (two were ladies), all dressed up like PLQ, lip syncing to our song. It was hilarious, and we had no idea they would or realized they loved us that much to do that. It was a wonderful compliment, but crazy funny.

VB: Who’s your group’s fan favorite? We all know there’s always one haha.

PLQ: With out a doubt, Joey. He’s just the kind of person that people adore. Bink and Aaron are tied for second. People just love them.

VB: How can people get more info about you, check out your schedule, and purchase your music?

PLQ: They can go to our website, www.promisedlandquartet.com or call our office at 540-984-4359. For scheduling, they can call 540-481-0773.

Thank you guys so much! If you haven’t heard the PromisedLand Quartet LIVE, I highly recommend doing so. Not only do they have a great sound, they’re a great group of guys as well!

Victoria Bowlin

Victoria is a powerful singer, songwriter, author, and Faith-Inspired speaker who gives encouragement and hope through music and personal testimonies. Originally from West Columbia, SC, Victoria's background includes extensive singing and traveling full time with her family, The Shireys and participating in tent revivals held by her late Grandmother, Evangelist Mamie L. Clark. Through deliverance from a serious depression and multiple healings, God is using her testimony to reach countless people.
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