REVIEW: The Whisnants – He Will Be God

Producer: Trey Ivey & The Whisnants
Label: UIA

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“I Am Here To Praise The Lord” opens up the latest effort from the Whisnants, and leads the listener into worship. What a grace choice for an opening song. I imagine it will be a future concert opened as well. Lush orchestration and simple lyrics make for a great first listen. Following is the upbeat “How About You”, a radio friendly song about salvation, featuring all 3 members of the group. Simple to “Glorybound”, I believe this could be a number one song for the group. As per usual, you can’t have a Whisnants project without a few tender ballads featuring Susan. “Believe For Me” is the first of several and is one of the strongest songs on the project and one of Susan’s strongest performances of her career. “When I’m strong, I’ll bear your burden. When i’m weak, I’ll lean on you. This is the love our God has called us to”, says it all.

“There Is” is a semi-progressive upbeat song about the promises of God. A catchy guitar riff and “word play” lyrics make for a great future radio single choice. “Homesick Heart”, featuring Jeff, reminds the listener of the good of Heaven. Musically, there is nothing too extravagant about this song. It is, however, a fabulous cut for Jeff. “He Will Be God” is a powerful anthem featuring Susan. “He will be God, He will give grace” is a comforting reminder of the unchanging character of God. Following, “I’d Walk Through The Valley Again” gains the “best song on the album” award. Aaron is featured on this country-driven 6/8, reminding the believer how hard times are essential for spiritual growth and fellowship with our Savior.

“The Final Word” is another 6/8 feature, with a powerful message of encouragement. I imagine this song will go over well in concert. Powerful lyrics and a simple melody make a beautiful combination. “I Don’t Fear Forever” is a song I had the privilege to co-write with Chris Allman. A “cajon” style string section and powerful vocal performances from all 3 members makes this a catchy cut. I am excited to see how people respond in concert. Next, Jeff is featured on “Sweet Things Out Of Dark Places”, a simple, traditional Kyla Rowland tune about walking through the valleys of life. This is the kind of song you expect to hear Jeff featured on, on each project.

“A New Beginning”, an upbeat song of hope for the believer is one of my personal favorites, featuring both Austin and Ethan Whisnant on the verses. I’d be surprised if this isn’t singled to radio before the next mainline project”. Lastly, “The Cross Still Stands”, a strong power ballad about the blood of Jesus, is a perfect closing track. It is also one of the strongest ballads the Whisnants have recorded in quite some time.

In conclusion, “He Will Be God” is the strongest project the Whisnants have released in quite a while. Fresh lyrics and melodies, along with the traditional sound of the Whisnants make for a career album. Well done!

Track Listing:

I Am Here To Praise The Lord
How About You
Believe For Me
There Is
Homesick Heart
He Will Be God
I’d Walk Through The Valley Again
The Final Word
I Don’t Fear Forever
Sweet Things Out Of Dark Places
A New Beginning
The Cross Still Stands


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