Michael Combs Returns To His Home Church…. 30 Years Later

Todd, NC (Janauary 6, 2020) The place where the evangelistic ministry of Michael Combs all began was at the Westside Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL almost 30 years ago. What a wonderful 30 years with innumerable souls won to Christ and thousands upon thousands hearts  blessed with the anointed singing and inspired testimony over the years.

After squandering many years living in the World and nearly destroying his  life with drugs and alcohol, something wonderful happened in the life  of Michael Combs… or better yet SOMEONE wonderful happened to GIVE him life…His name is Jesus!

 Michael  gave his life to Christ on a Monday night during a revival meeting at  his home church at that time and has never looked back. That night  was February 6th, 1989. Not only did Michael start his Christian  walk at Westside Baptist Church but he started singing the songs that  God gave him while listening to his Pastor at that time Pastor Harold  Hudson. Pastor Hudson was a major inspiration and influence on  Michael’s songwriting and preaching today.

Michael was invited from Sunday School Class to Sunday School Class to share.  Then one day the Minister of Music Jim Law asked Michael to sing in the BIG CHURCH. Michael was living in a brand new world that he had  never dreamed of being a part of.

This  went on for some time and one day a Godly Businessman and his wife,  Warren and Rietta Coker asked Michael why he hadn’t recorded those  songs he had written. Michael said “cause it takes money and I  don’t have any”. Warren Coker replied “Rietta and I have plenty  and God told me to pay for your first recording and don’t do  anything cheap”. Warren and Rietta Coker paid all our expenses  there and back as well as Michael’s first Album “Never A Great  Love”. Michael then recorded that album with Eddie Crooke Company  in Goodletsville, TN (outside of Nashville). The rest is history.

 What a great surprise it was when in September Michael’s Booking Agency called and said Pastor Keith Russell the Pastor now at Westside would  love to have him for their Thanksgiving Celebration. Michael said “I can’t tell how wonderful it was to be back at my home church where it all  started so many years ago”.

You can learn more about Michael Combs and see this magnificent video on Facebook at on his website at

If you would like to book Michael Combs at your church, campmeeting, or concert go to the Beckie Simmons Agency at call 615-595-7500.

To interview Michael contact Sunday Edition PR at 615-545-5315.

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