REVIEW: Ernie Haase & Signature Sound – Something Beautiful

Producer: Bill Gaither, Ernie Haase & Wayne Haun
Label: Gaither Music Group

This is Signature Sound’s second tribute album, the first being a tribute to The Cathedrals, of which Ernie sang tenor for a number of years. Now a tribute to Gospel music legends, Bill and Gloria Gaither. This song writing couple are responsible for over 700 popular gospel songs. EHSS has selected some of the best of that long list for their most recent recording.

The project kicks off with one of Gaither’s most popular classics, He Touched Me featuring Ernie Haase on the second verse. This is one song that I would venture to say every gospel group out there has recorded at one time or another. With a refreshing take on this classic song the message is still the same!

Dustin Doyle delivers a stellar performance on the front-porch, laid back styled It’s Beginning to Rain. With the promise of hope that says If you’re thirsty and dry, look up to the sky. It’s beginning to rain. Combine this arrangement, Dustin’s smooth vocals and a comforting recitation by Bill Gaither and you’ve got one great song!

The group takes on the Cathedral classic hit about the resurrection, Then Came the Morning. If you’re expecting a repeat of the Cathedrals, don’t. The message of Christ’s victory over death, Hell and the grave is the same, the power is the same, but that is where the similarity ends. Signature Sound has added their own epic style and updated arrangement to this beautiful anthem.

The title track Something Beautiful is given a whole new makeover with a jazz arrangement and Ernie taking the lead. I have to say that Ernie Haase is sounding better than ever and it shows on this cut that gives us comfort and the promise that if we put our faith and trust in God, He will make something beautiful of our lives.

Dustin Doyle takes the lead on a punchy, 70’s style arrangement of Not by Might, Not by Power. Fans of the Gaither Vocal Band may remember this song from their 1981, self –titled, debut recording, The New Gaither Vocal Band. One thing you can always count on with EHSS is something outside of the box, not your “typical” Southern Gospel music and they do not disappoint on this cut that says, it doesn’t matter how much money you have or how powerful you are, it’s by His spirit.

As Devin McGlamery sings the easy listening styled, Feeling at Home in the Presence of Jesus I picture myself setting under a shade tree next to a quiet lake and just enjoying my time with the Lord. It’s those quiet times when we are able to get away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and really feel His presence; then we are refreshed and enriched, empowered to face the world. Next we’re served up a medley of Gaither classics, Loving God, Loving Each Other, Family of God, I Am Loved, Jesus, We Just Want to Thank You (recitation by Gloria Gaither) and Let’s Just Praise the Lord.

Devin McGlamery once again takes the lead on the upbeat, country version of I Just Feel Like Something Good is About to Happen that reminds us that God has promised to pour out His blessings if we just humble ourselves and call on Him there’s a blessing right around the corner!

Ernie brings to us This Could be the Dawning of that Day, a beautiful song about the promise of His blessed return to take us home. Man, it doesn’t get any better than that! Bass singer, Paul Harkey is featured on the beautiful I Believe, Help Thou My Unbelief. Paul is known for his rich, smooth bass and his delivery of this song makes one think that Bill Gaither had him in mind when he wrote it. Just an excellent performance.

It’s easy to tell what the upbeat Get All Excited is all about. We waste so much time talking about everything else, when quite simply, we need to be excited about our salvation and share it with the world. This latest powerhouse project closes with a song I’m sure everyone, regardless of their favorite genre of music has heard. This is another one of those standards that most, if not all gospel groups have sang; Because He Lives I can face tomorrow. Wow, no matter what life throws at us because Jesus lives and we are His children, we can face it all!

Once again, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound has not failed to deliver to their fans. It’s a strong project, with classic songs, along with top notch vocals and arrangements. If you are an EHSS fan you will want this album in your collection.

Track Listing:
 (stars denote personal favorites)

He Touched Me
It’s Beginning To Rain (ft. Bill Gaither)
Then Came The Morning *
Something Beautiful
Not By Might, Not By Power
Feeling At Home In The Presence Of Jesus
Gaither Medley (ft. Gloria Gaither)
I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About To Happen *
This Could Be The Dawning Of That Day (with Until Then) *
I Believe, Help Thou My Unbelief
Get All Excited (with I Am His Witness)
Because He Lives *


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Jeff Lowe

Jeff Lowe, from Massillon, Ohio, I love southern gospel music and have been involved in it in one way or another for 40+ years. I first started singing bass in The Soulseeker's as a young teen. I started the Master's Quartet in 1996. In 2009, I started Mercy River Quartet and ten years later we are still serving and praising the Lord. I love serving with Mercy River. He has blessed us greatly and we count it a privilege to be able to serve Him and present the gospel in song. I'm excited to back with and am looking forward to being here for a very long time!
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