Jackson Heights Score Top 10 Hit

Nashville (May 28, 2020) Cross-over artist Jackson Heights latest single, “Riding the Wind” has landed at #7 in the June radio chart for SGN Scoops magazine. “As radio stations across the nation have started playing Jackson Heights music, they are finding that their listeners love these guys. There is no other group like them on radio,” stated Matt Felts, Gateway Management.

For several years, Jackson Heights was the best kept secret in Gospel Music, artists loved their music, but few fans knew about the group. That has all changed in the last year. With years of Gospel music heritage to their credit, Jackson Heights has carved out their own path with an incredible sound that connects to fans of many genres of music. “As their music has reached people through radio and their live concerts, the word has gotten out. These guys are incredible. Not only are they incredible singers but they are all top musicians and play all their own music live. Not many groups on the road can claim that,” added Felts.

Jackson Heights will be resuming their tour schedule in June of 2020. To connect with Jackson Heights, go to

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