REVIEW: The Talleys – The Music Goes On

Producer: Roger Talley
Record Label: Horizon Records/Crossroads Music Group

The name “Talley” has been synonymous with gospel music for many years.  Originating in the late 60s/early 70s with siblings Roger, Kirk and Diane Talley, each sibling eventually followed their own paths within gospel music by the early and mid 70s.  Fast forward to 1983, Roger and his wife Debra were with the Hoppers and Kirk was with the Cathedrals, and the three joined forces to form the Talleys as a new family unit.  Ten years later, Kirk struck out on his own as a solist and Roger and Debra started enjoying a “normal” lifestyle at home, only for the couple to return about 3 years later with their daughter, Lauren as the Talley Trio.  Now almost 25 years later, the group is retiring once again.  The Talleys have enjoyed unprecedented success over the course of over 37 combined years as a group.  The Music Goes On is their final mainline release before they settle in to their “new normal”, and it’s a befitting farewell effort for the group that their fans will cherish.

With its pulsating beat, Lauren kicks things off with the uptempo, choral feel of “THE HEALER IN THE GRAVE”, which Lauren wrote along with Kenna West and Lee Black, before Roger steps up to sing the upbeat, country feel of, “THIS DAY”.

Lauren delivers an impactful performance on the poignant, “LOOKS LIKE JESUS TO ME”.  Written by Aaron Wilburn, the song forces the church to look inwardly, to see if we are personifying Jesus Christ in everything we do.

“TRIUMPHANTLY, THE CHURCH WILL RISE” is a song that has been identified with the Talleys for 34 years now.  Here, they do a marvelous job reviving this timeless classic before Debra steps up to sing, “HE HAS”, reminding us that even though we are weak, He is able!

The tempo gets kicked back up as Roger sings, “NEVER BEEN A TIME” before Lauren steps back up to sing the soulful reminder that “JESUS LOVES YOU”, written by Lee Black and Tony Wood.

Debra delivers an emotional performance on the swansong for the Talleys, “MY HEART IS THERE WITH YOU”.  You can hear the emotion in her voice as the group, in their own classy way, closes this chapter in their lives with a comforting message for all of us.

This final recording for the group checks all the boxes as far as what you’d expect from the Talleys…strong songs, great arrangements, exceptional quality, etc.  The group has always succeeded in straddling the SG, Contemporary, Inspirational line and this latest and final release testifies to that.  Aptly titled, The Music Goes On, this recording is a testament that although the group may be retiring, their music will continue to reach the world…and will continue doing so, long after the music stops!


Track Listing:
(stars denote personal favorites)

The Healer in the Grave**
This Day
Looks Like Jesus to me**
Triumphantly, the Church will Rise**
He Has
Never Been a Time**
Jesus Loves You
My Heart is There with You**

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