REVIEW: The Browns – Brave

Producer: Wayne Haun
Record Label: StowTown Records

“We need to be brave.  We need to be bold.  Can’t stop till the world is told.”

That is how, acapella and without any intro, the Brown begin their latest release, BRAVE.   This release of seven songs gives us a mixture of traditional Browns style with plenty of guitars, fiddles and acoustics and the sound of full orchestration.

The title song, with the above lyrics is powerful song written by Scotty Inman and Lee Black that challenges us, as Christians to take Jesus’s final instruction to his disciples and go to the ends of the world proclaiming the gospel.  It is not only the first song but also the prevailing theme throughout the project.  After the music begins you hear the rich blend of strings as the upbeat sound gives us the excitement of taking Jesus’s words to others.

In the next two songs, both written by Michaela and Shelly, challenge on a personal level to share our faith with others just like Jesus told us to in Acts.  “Passing It On” is a lively song with the Browns’ country style.  It is a simple message of passing our faith forward to others to make it a better world.   The idea of one little spark ignites a fire is the message of the second song “Little Fires Everywhere”.  Like the other song, it, too, is a little song that is more traditional Southern gospel with some acoustic guitar.  It gives us great advice on letting us, as Christians, be the spark that starts the much larger fires with the acts of kindness we can do for people.

We can all relate to the words of “Better Off There”.   When a loved one dies, we all wish they were still with us but know that if they are a Christian, that they’re in a better place.   This is the theme of one of more powerful ballads on this project.  The Browns knock this one out of the park with this poignant song.

A powerful prayer is “Not Even For A Moment, another ballad beautifully done by Micheala.  I can picture that she is on her knees singing this to God about all the paths she could have taken but how she couldn’t have done it because of her love for God and his love for her.  This is truly one of my favorite songs on this project in which we all can relate.

Andrea Crouch was one of the greatest contemporary song writers and “Take Me Back” is one of his classics.  When you hear the piano at the beginning, you can picture Andre playing it.  It is a classic Crouch rendition and shows the true versatility of the Browns who sing it in a soulful and powerful style.

The project ends with a really upbeat song called “Shelter of the Rock” and tells us where we can go in times of distress and trouble.  No matter where we are or what is happening that the Rock of Jesus is there for us to get shelter from that storm.

This album is another strong project by the Browns.  During the turbulent times, we are in today we must be BRAVE as Christians and they give us hope and guidance with these seven songs.  They relay the message in the many different styles of this talented family.

Track Listing:

Passing It On
Little Fires Everywhere
Better Off There
Take Me Back
Not Even For a Moment
Shelter of the Rock


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