Introducing The Kramers

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with The Kramers to find out more about their ministry.  I hope that this article will help you to get acquainted with them.  Enjoy our conversation….

CL:  Tell me about the background of The Kramers, where from, how started, how long together?

MW: We are from Peoria, IL. My parents, Scott and Rachel Kramer (my parents) started our music ministry when they got married in 1995. In 2001, my youngest brother Weston was diagnosed with autism, so my parents focused on a regional ministry while leading worship at our home church. In 2014, we took the leap of faith and went full-time on the road.  We have now been traveling as a family for 6 years.

CL:  What are the family connections, how is everyone related? 

MW: Scott and Rachel are my parents, I am their daughter, and Ben Wolfe, who is Gerald Wolf’s son, is my husband.

 CL:  What about road stories – funny or embarrassing moments?

MW: Oh, we have had many! There is one that immediately comes to my mind, and it is when we were singing at a church in southern Illinois. My mom was singing “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” and her high heel shoe got stuck in the air vent on the platform. When she was trying to pull her foot up, whole air vent came with it. Ha Ha! Makes me laugh to this day.

 CL:   What should people expect when they come to see The Kramers in concert?

MW: They should expect a time of worship. We strive to always make the concerts about lifting high the Name of Jesus. We have fun, too. But we always want people to feel like they have been to church.

 CL:  What do you want the people to leave from the concert with?

MW: First and foremost, we want them to leave knowing that they have had an opportunity to accept Jesus as their Savior. We want the believers to be uplifted and encouraged.

 CL:  Latest project and chart song?

MW: Our newest project is entitled “The Hope of All Tomorrows” and our current song on radio is “Water Walker”. We are very thankful that the song is currently #28 on the top 80 charts!

 CL: What lessons has this pandemic taught you or what have you learned from it?

MW: Patience and trust. This year has been very uncertain and very unpredictable. But if there is one thing I have learned; it is that Jesus never changes. He remains constant and faithful. I am so grateful!

 CL:  What big events, sings, cruises, etc. that Kramers are on this year?

MW: We have been invited to share on the main stage at the National Quartet Convention this year! (Sunday evening and Thursday evening). We are also looking forward to being at PraiseFest in Sevierville on November 10.

 CL:  Do you have a website?  How do people get your booking information?

MW: Yes, it is:  TheKramersMusic.com. Our booking information can be found on our “contact” page. Check out the tour tab to see where we are going to be and our merchandise for purchase can be found on the store tab. Lots of other information can be found on the website as well, so go check it out!

CL:  Closing thoughts you would like to share?

MW: Our family is always deeply grateful for every opportunity we must share the Gospel. This world desperately needs to know the hope that is found in Jesus. We pray that God will heal our land and continue to give us more opportunities. We will continue to serve Him until He comes or takes us home!

Carol Lawson

Carol Lawson has been actively involved in gospel music for over 30 years, working with many groups doing bookings and concert promotions. Carol was a gospel radio DJ for 9 years, and she previously wrote articles and concert reviews for CMP Magazine and SGImpact.
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