REVIEW: The Beenes – Keep Looking Up

Producer: Brandon Beene, TaRanda Greene, Josh Townsend
Record Label: StowTown Records

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When I first was asked to review this album, I have to admit that I knew very little about this family group.  But, after listening to this album, I want to hear more from the Beenes and I think other Southern Gospel listeners will want to as well.  Keep Looking Up is the first CD recorded by this father, mother and daughter trio.

Brandon and Chrysta Beene have been singing for more than 20 years and are now joined by their daughter, Savannah, for the first time as a group.  This project, as Brandon tells, was started at the beginning of the pandemic to give us hope and comfort that God is still in charge no matter the circumstances.  When I heard these songs, I wanted to stand with my hands outstretched and eyes closed just praising God at all he has done, the promises he makes and what he will continue to do.

The project of ten songs is co-produced by Brandon, TaRanda Greene and Josh Townsend.  With songs written from the pen of Jeff Ferguson, Israel Houghton, Brandon and Chrysta and an all-time great from Bill and Gloria Gaither, they deliver on the hope and comfort during such a continuing time of heartache, loss and worry.   The Beenes show a wide arrange of song styles and the words of the songs are some of the most powerful I have heard in a long time.  I love to listen to the music when I hear a song but I found myself really listening to the words on this CD.

The project begins with a hand clapping song “Taste and See” written by Israel Houghton.  The first line says “Taste and see that God is good.”  It tells us that there are a lot of good things about living for God as you open up right now and let your heart be healed.

With the song “Unstoppable God, we can find nothing is impossible with God who can go ahead of us making the task so much easier and in “Right Here” the first line says “This is where I want to be” as we wait on God to come to us and lead the way.

Savannah is featured on “How Big”, co-written by Jeff Ferguson, TaRanda Greene and Regi Stone.  No matter how big your mountain is, God is greater.  Whether it is sickness, a job loss, burdens so heavy that you can’t hardly make it but God is greater.

Chrysta shows her tremendous voice range on “It’s Not Over”.  This song gives us the promise that when all seems to be ending, its where the new begins.  This was one of my favorite songs from this project because of how many times we wonder as Christians why this happened or not happened, only to realize later that God had other plans for us and take us in another direction.

“This is where I want to be” is the first line of “Right Here”, one of two songs written by Jeff Ferguson and Regi Stone. It is an upbeat song about how we need to right where God wants us waiting for him.   In the other song written by this duo, “Breathe”, Brandon and Savannah collaborate on this slow, powerful praise and worship song that tell us “God has you in his hands, God has a perfect plan, today you are free in him.”

“I Can Do All Things” when I trust and believe is the first line of the chorus of a song written by Chrysta           and Val Dacus.   Trust God when you don’t think you can anything and God will show that you can.

Brandon joined Val Dacus to write “Fallen, But Forgiven” which is another one of my favorites from the project.  Wow, the words and the message of this song is so powerful.  One short line reads “Yesterday’s mistakes are gone.”  That is it.  That is God.  We may fall, disappoint him but he is there to pick us and forgive.  Listen to the words of this song and be praising our God for who he is- a forgiving, loving God.

Finally, there are a couple of songs that gives all praise to God are featured with “Thank You Lord” and my all-time favorite Gaither song, “Because He Lives” which the Beenes give a powerful rendition of.

So, I began this album review with not much knowledge of the Beenes, but after listening to the ten songs on this project, I can’t wait to hear them again.  I highly recommend this CD to anyone who may be going through any pain or need to know that God is there for them.

Track Listing:

Taste & See
Right Here
Unstoppable God
It’s Not Over
How Big
Thank You Lord
Fallen But Forgiven
I Can Do All Things
Because He Lives

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