Change Is Coming with Joseph Habedank

ML: Joseph, thank you for taking time to chat with us, again. It’s great to catch up with you… We are all excited to hear you have been in the studio creating new music for us to enjoy. Can you tell us a little bit about this album and what we can look forward to? 

JH: The album is entitled Change is Coming and it released on April 30. This is my fourth studio album as a solo artist with Daywind Records and it was co-produced by Wayne Haun, myself and my wife, Lindsay. I think the latter is what makes this album different than the rest. 

ML: This seems to be a special album and appears important to the Church and for your career, additionally. Can you share how this collection of songs varies from your previous albums, possibly? 

JH: When I went to write this album, we were in the middle of the shutdown due to the pandemic and so I felt a stronger sense of urgency when writing. This is truly the most important album I’ve ever recorded in terms of the material and subject matter in the songs. 

ML: Out of all the songs you have just recorded for us, is there a song (or two) that we should pay closer attention to, maybe? If so, what is it and why? 

JH: I would definitely pay special attention to the first single, Religion Isn’t Working, as I feel this is exactly what the church needs to hear right now. The other one that is very important to me is the last song on the album entitled, Rise Above Eden. It’s a bit deep and I’ve never written anything quite like it before, but Dave Clark and Don Koch really brought this idea to life and it’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever helped write. 

ML: You are known for writing great songs and doing incredible work in the studio. What is your favorite part of creating new music? 

JH: Watching the songs that I’ve co-written come to life is an incredible feeling. I love the whole process. I love writing the songs. I love the song meetings. I love laying tracks. I love doing the vocals. I love the production aspect of it. I truly love it all. I’m already ready to do it again! 

ML: What is your biggest goal for the next 2 years of ministry, through this new music? 

JH: I think my goals have stayed pretty consistent over the years; I just want to reach as many people as possible with my music. I want to help addicts, alcoholics, their families and I also want more young people to become aware of Southern Gospel music. I feel like our ministry has accomplished some of these things already, but I don’t want to stop. At the end of the day, it’s all about ministry and reaching people with the Gospel. 

For more information Joseph, visit him online at www.josephhabedank.com.

Matthew Lawson

Matthew Lawson is an up and coming songwriter with Crossroads Music Publishing and rising artist in his own right. A passion for God's kingdom and His people lights his path at almost 19 years of age. Matthew currently resides in Monroe, North Carolina.
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