Michael Combs Receives 2021 Absolutely Gospel Music Award For Country Gospel Artist Of The Year

Nashville, Tennessee (June 24, 2021) Absolutely Gospel Music, the largest Southern Gospel Music website on the internet presented their annual awards for individual accomplishments in the previous year. As a result of Covid-19, artists, businesses, and the whole industry had to work much harder to have any success at all.

One of those artists is Michael Combs. When the bottom fell out of the booking of concerts for the whole genre, Michael couldn’t just stay home and do nothing with his ministry. In addition to sharing his testimony of all that God has done for him, including providing a liver and kidney transplant, Michael has continued writing and producing his anointed music. 

Michael stated, “While winning awards is not my goal, to know that fans of Southern Gospel and Country Gospel took their time to show their appreciation by voting for me, is a blessing beyond my expectations. I am honored and humbled for receiving the Country Gospel Artist Of The Year Award. Thank you Absolutely Gospel Music.” 

In addition to winning this prestigious Award, Michael is also honored to be the featured performer at his hometown’s homecoming on July 3rd, in MacClenney, FL at Duck Pond Park. Michael commented, “It’s a great privilege to be the featured guest at the Homecoming for my hometown. It’s where my ministry got started. From singing songs  that I had written in my Sunday School class, to singing in front of the whole church, it’s where my ministry began.”

It was there that Michael met Warren and Rietta Coker, friends of his parents at the church. After hearing Michael sing some of his own songs. Warren Coker approached Michael asking why he hadn’t recorded any of those songs he was singing at church, to which Michael replied, it takes money. 

Rietta said, “On the way home from church that morning, my husband told me that he felt lead to pay for Michael’s first recording. He did and the rest is history.” 

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