REVIEW: Paid In Full – 30th Anniversary

Producer:  Wayne Haun
Label:  StowTown Records

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I first heard these guys back in late 2000 and have been a huge fan of the group ever since.  Consisting of lead singer, Lance Moore, Bradley Littlejohn on baritone and tenor, Jeff Crews, they offered a unique sound (mostly driven by their tenor, Jeff Crews) and had a certain charisma in their music that really drew you in.  Between 1998 and 2010, the group was releasing outstanding music, were frequent visitors in the charts and major stages across the country including the Grand Ole Opry and Gaither Homecoming concerts. But for about the last 10 years or so, the group hasn’t been as visible on the national stage, but they have been singing select dates and have continued releasing new music.  This year though, the group hits a major milestone as they celebrate their 30th anniversary; and to honor that accomplishment, StowTown Records has released a 2-disc collection of some of their biggest hits and the guys have included 4 brand new songs as well!  “30th Anniversary” is their first major recording in 10 years.

The up-tempo, country driven track for “LET US PRAY” gets the celebration started and sounds like something the group would have recorded 12-15 years ago.  All 3 guys are featured on the song before moving on to the brass infused, “HALLELUJAH FOR THE BLOOD”.  Both songs fit Paid in Full like a glove, and it was exciting hearing them singing together again.  I have missed that sound!

The first single from this recording is the Wayne Haun, Joel Lindsey and Scotty Inman penned, “TOO MUCH”.  A great song about God’s love for us, the song should do very well for the guys, before the tempo slows down for the worshipful, “ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE”, which is the final “new” song on this collection.

I won’t go through each song (since they are listed below), but it’s been a blast listening to these great songs again.  Featuring some of their earliest hit songs such as “NEW SHOES”, “OUR FIRST DAY IN HEAVEN”, “I COULD SING ABOUT HEAVEN” and “SAILING TOWARDS HOME” as well as some of their more recent popular songs such as “NARROW”, “I GO TO JESUS” and “TRUTH BE TOLD”.  It was great that they included “WHEN MY MASTER WALKS WITH ME” (featuring Jake Hess) and “IT WON’T BE LONG” (featuring Duane Allen) as well.  Although neither were necessarily “hit” songs for the group, they were important milestones in their career, and I am glad they were included in this collection.  Some of the other noteworthy songs included in this collection are “MY FATHER’S HOUSE”, “WALKING WITH JESUS”, “I’LL BE IN THE RAPTURE” (one of my personal favorites), “WHAT THE STORM DOESN’T KNOW” (a monster hit for the group), “HEAVEN IS MY GOAL”, “MORE THAN AMAZING” and “THE OTHER SIDE”.

Each song is a milestone in their career and are all part of the musical tapestry, which is a culmination of 30 very fruitful years of music and ministry.  I know these types of recordings can be very subjective, but this truly is an excellent comprehensive collection of their best songs and I can’t think of a single song they left off.  If you’re not familiar with their music, you need to get your hands on this and introduce yourself and catch up on what you missed from the last 30 years!  I am glad they have come back together and released this special recording and I am looking forward to hearing more from these guys in the coming years!

(stars denote personal favorites)

Let Us Pray**
Hallelujah for the Blood**
Too Much**
All the Things You Are
Work of Grace
Truth Be Told
New Shoes**
My Father’s House
Walking with Jesus**
When My Master Walks with Me**
This is the Day
What the Storm Does Not Know**
More Than Amazing
I’ll Be in the Rapture**
Heaven is my Goal**
The First Look**
I Go to Jesus
The King of Who I Am/Jesus Messiah
Sailing Towards Home**
I’ve Got Good News, Everybody**
Our First Day in Heaven**
My Soul is Firmly Anchored
I’m Happy with You, Lord**
Lead On
My Sole Goal
I’ll Sing the Wondrous Story**
It Won’t Be Long
The Other Side**
I Could Sing About Heaven**

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James Hales

James Hales, from Durham, North Carolina, has been a writer for since 2000. James is our featured reviewer and also contributes to monthly features periodically.
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