Absolutely Free

Absolutely Free

I’m Absolutely Free, that means I’m free indeed

I’m Absolutely Free, sin has no chains on me

The Blood has washed me clean, I’ve completely been redeemed

I’m Absolutely Free, thank God I’m free indeed:

This is the chorus from a song penned by Daryl Williams, and I was blessed to record it.

Just a couple of things to notice. When God sets you free, you are indeed free. No questions about it, you know that you are free. Sins chains can no longer keep you bound. Guilt can no longer haunt you, addictions can no longer keep you captive. The red blood of Jesus, covers that old black heart of yours and turns it whiter than snow. That blood of Jesus completely redeems you from weight and the control of sin. Then you are Absolutely Free, thank God you are free indeed.

Are you burdened down with the chains of this world? There is hope. Salvation was not free, it cost Jesus a terrible price, but that’s the key, He paid the price and now He offers it to you, all you have to do is accept it.

If you are bound by the chains of this world and you have spent all your time and efforts to be free, just turn to Jesus with an earnest prayer and He will meet you there ready to remove those chains that keep you bound.

I’m Absolutely Free, thank God I’m free indeed!!!!!!

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