REVIEW: 11th Hour – Anthem of the Ages

Producer: Jeff Collins
Record Label: Sonlite Records/Crossroads Music Group

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Anthem of the Ages is the newest album from 11th Hour. Leading off this fantastic listening experience is the title track. Setting the stage for this album, Amber Eppinette Saunders leads us into the presence of the King. The next track “Whosoever Will May Come” – features Logan Smith on this recording. It’s a great country sound and a very infectious lyric. Definitely one you’ll be singing over and over. Amber is one of the best vocalists in Gospel music as of late. She displays that prowess on the next song “I Know It’s Mine.” My favorite line is “sometimes God calls us to stand still, but sometimes He calls us to fight” What a great lyric and then of course the hook “If the victory’s already won, then I know it’s mine.”

Speaking of powerful vocalists when Victoria Bowlin joined 11th Hour earlier this year I was excited and couldn’t wait for her to be featured. “Fear Get Out of Here” is the first song we hear Victoria on, and wow is it a good one. This swampy bluesy gritty song is so good. You have to listen to it at least twice before moving on. A highlight for sure. The lyrics are so timely and fitting for this day and age. What a song and performance.

Sentimental songs can either be extremely well done or way too cliché. “Letters to Heaven” is the former. This is a heart string tugging song. So have your tissues ready for when you listen to it if you’re any bit emotional. Especially lately when it seems many of our friends and loved ones have made that journey. This song will really hit home. The next song “He Still Does”. This reflective song built around the idea that God never changes and still does what He always will do. A great delivery of a beautiful message. “Bring that Giant Down” is a fun song. Retelling that battle we all know. Amber’s vocal delivery is top notch. Some of those ending notes are spectacular.

Even though at the time of writing this review Logan Smith has left 11th Hour on this album. Logan Smith’s feature on “Only Jesus Saves” is definitely a highlight. This is for sure a simple but profound lyric. “Awake” is a heavy string driven song featuring Victoria. A call to every believer that it is time to awake from our slumber! “A Lot of Life Out There” sounds like something the Martins would record at the height of their career. What an amazing track. Amber even sounds a bit like Joyce on this song. That is absolutely a compliment! The influence of the Martins can be heard all over this track.

The closing track features just the vocalists and a piano singing the Dottie Rambo classic “I Just Came to Talk to You Lord” it’s a great juxtaposition from the previous track which was driving and loud. This is a quiet reflection. A prayer if you will. A very fitting close to this album.

Anthem of the Ages is a musical journey from start to finish. The opening track to that final closing chord. Amber, Victoria, and Logan (again at the time of this recording) deliver a fantastic offering of praise. There are many highlights – however, I’ll let you decide which one of those are your highlights. So be sure to go out and buy and or stream this album from your favorite music provider.

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