REVIEW: Master’s Voice – A Real Good Day

Producer: Ricky Capps & T.J. Evans
Record Label: Independent Release

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Master’s Voice is a group based out of Bristow, Oklahoma consisting of group owner, founder, and tenor Ricky Capps, lead singer T.J. Evans, baritone Lathan Moore, and bass Jerry Pilgrim. Master’s Voice has been around for a while, and I have known of them since their Rescued From Religion album when they were just a trio. That album, even after 10 years, is still a fantastic project, but now on to the latest offering from MV.

A Real Good Day opens up with the gospel modern sounding “One Who Can” – a fantastic start to this album. It sounds like a song that would be right at home on a Brian Free and Assurance album. The next song is one of those heart tugging songs. Speaking of loss but the blessed Hope that those who pass are in safe keeping because we know “Whose Hand You’re In.” There are some beautiful harmonies found in this song. It’s definitely a must listen.

The first big ballad is the very poignant “Always Believe” sung by Lathan Moore. What a great song! It’s all about that no matter what comes against us, we must always believe. “Good News is Comin’ Down the Road” is an up-tempo fun song! The story of Lazarus is always a great place to draw inspiration from! “Raise Him Up” features Jerry Pilgrim, and the lyric is fantastic it’s a great play on words. There are so many Josh Turner moments heard on this song. What a great song, and the hook is just so good once it reaches the end. This is probably my favorite track.

“Love Remembers” reminds us that we’re never too far and love remembers and won’t ever forget us. Time for the “ear worm” song of the album, I am pretty sure that by the end of this album you’re gonna be singing this song in your head: ”Take Em’ to the Lord.” “I Need Your Grace Tonight” is one of those real and honest lyrics that we all can relate to at times in our walk of faith. There are times you just feel this. We’ve all been there. “Love on Jesus” lifts the mood back after the slow down from the previous song. It’s also where the title of the album comes from “…it’s a real good day to love on Jesus.” That’s every day!

“Come to Jesus” is a beautiful invitation song. I love the line “…the only way to freedom is surrender…” I think we all relate there. Another practical song with a timely message, “Sow a Little” is presented by Jerry Pilgrim in the verses, and yet again the chorus can get stuck in your head. “What You Could Do With Me” sounds like a song that would have been recorded in the 90s. The lyrics are so poignant, and T.J. Evans delivers this one with such heart. “Then and There” closes the project this pure southern gospel. It’s up-tempo quartet fun with bass line and quite the tongue twister of lyrics! It’s definitely a toe-tapping, hand-clapper finish!

Master’s Voice keeps great new music coming. If you know who they are you will love this album. If you’ve never listened to them, well it’s time to. This is a great project from start to finish. Buy, download, and stream this. You won’t be disappointed.

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