REVIEW: The Lore Family – The World Needs a Song

Producer: Roger Talley
Label: Horizon Records

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The Lore Family consists of Darren, Sandy and their two children, Fayth (and her husband Jake Whisnant) and son Samuel.

“The World Needs a Song” is a great way to start off the album. Straightforward Southern style Gospel music complete with a false ending and turn around. It’s a fun song. “I Bring You Jesus” is a beautiful, mid-tempo song. Fayth delivers a message with such conviction on a beautiful track. Every album needs a big Easter anthem. Well, “Hope Arose” is it. It has a soaring melody and great vocals from Samuel Lore. It’s definitely appropriate for choirs to sing on Easter Sunday!

“Great is His Faithfulness” is becoming a very popular modern worship song. It’s not necessarily a replacement for “Great is Thy Faithfulness,” but a great “update” to this timeless message. “You Love, I’ll Judge” is a song that makes you think, and if this song doesn’t cause you to think, you better listen to it again. Wow…what a lyric: “We only see each other from an outside point of view, but God sees who we really are so He says to me and you… you love, I’ll judge.” That hits home for everyone.

“Jesus Changed” is a song about the demon possessed man who Jesus changed. Samuel & Darren wrote this one, and it’s a very image-filled song. You might find yourself tapping to the melody. “The Dark Night of the Soul” is a song that reminds you of the style of the Freemans. It’s a beautiful lyric and so encouraging. I really like this one.

When “Run to the Throne” was released as a single, I was immediately excited about about what t his album would sound like. It has that Bill Withers feel to it. It’s definitely a good one, and the B3 is such a nice touch. “Would Someone Go Summon the Angels” is a great 6/8 song featuring Darren and Samuel. With that easy flowing feel, I love the musicality of this one. Great arrangement! I have a feeling this one will do very well in a concert setting.

“We Remember” is a modern hymn written in that structure with harmonies and a beautiful melody. I try not to use this word in a review, but it is very pretty. “The World Needs a Song (Reprise)” is a fun bonus featuring one more chorus of the opening track. I like it when albums do this to close with one more reprise it makes the listener want just a little bit more.

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