REVIEW: The Taylors – Love Is the Voice

Producer: Wayne Haun
Record Label: StowTown Records

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The Taylors, a family trio from my state of North Carolina, has always been one of my favorite groups.  So, when I was given the opportunity to review their newest project, I looked forward to it.  I was not disappointed.  Not only was it their first new one in two years, but also is the first time in eight years that they were a quartet as their sister, Leslie Perkins joined her brothers, Jonathan and Chris and sister Suzanne for this special project.  It was really good to her a traditional mixed quartet with Leslie’s soprano voice further harmonizing their already great sound.

The project starts with the peppy, “God Do It Again”.  From the pen of Scotty Inman and Lee Black, this reminds us of all the things God has done from Daniel to David to Moses where the impossible was needed.  We look for God to do the same for us as we faces the struggles of life.

The title song is “Love Is The Voice”.  With Chris solos first joined in gradually by the entire group, this tells us all the many things that God’s Love is to us.  “Love Is the Voice  of the Savior calling child come follow me,  Love is the Blood of the Lamb that’s flowing from a rugged tree and listen closely as hear all of what Love Is.  It is a perfect song to title this project and should be a popular radio single when it is released.

I just love the song that Suzanne sings solo on entitled “What I Know” .  The chorus is such a great promise.  “What I Know is that there is grace for each day, What I Know that Jesus never makes mistakes, What I Know who is in control of the future.  She knocks this one out of the park and, though I love the entire album, the promise that this song gives us, makes this my favorite.

Many years ago The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir sang a chorus, “I’m Loving You More Every Day.  Well, as mentioned in the press release, Leslie sings  the verses that have not sung in over 30 years.  The second verse has been written by the late Aaron Wilburn.  The chorus has always been around an inspiration for many but hearing the verses makes it more powerful.

This project has a couples of songs that talk about our heavenly home.  “ Only Passing Through”  tells it like it is.  No matter what is going on down here, we know the truth that this world is not our home because we are only passing through.  The other song is a poignant, beautiful picture of what heaven is “Better Land” from Rachel McCutcheon and how many of us have heard the whispers from those loved ones who have gone to that better land as they describe what heaven will be like for each of us.  

Jonathan is featured on the song, “Break Me Back to You”.  It is a prayer about a person who has drifted away from God and needs to get back to him.  The words are like a lament of a pained person, never meant to happen, had good intentions but little by little drifted away.  “But if brokenness will see me through, break me back to you?”

Leslie is once again in the lead on “Look What He’s Done for Me”  The title tells it all, “he wipes from my eyes, so I can see.  Is it any wonder why I brag of him, look what he’s done for me.

 The last song (co-written by Karen Peck Gooch) is “Proclaim the Name (Jesus, Jesus).”   It is triumphant, peppy song that reminds us how we should proclaim the name, Jesus, Jesus because there is no other and every day he is the same.

As I said earlier, I really liked this project.  I hope they don’t wait another two years to record another one and I do hope that Leslie joins them for more because the quartet sound really made this special. 


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