REVIEW: McKamey Legacy – self-titled

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Record Label: Horizon Records/Crossroads Music Group

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When you hear the name McKamey, you immediately have one image; it’s that of Peg McKamey losing her shoes in a moment of praise and excitement. For over 50 years the McKameys toured the country and brought songs to the people. When they announced their retirement in 2019, everyone thought that era was over. However, after much prayer and decision, Peg and Ruben’s oldest daughter Connie Fortner, Connie’s husband Roger Fortner and their son Eli Fortner have decided to continue on with the name McKamey Legacy, honoring the rich family heritage.

Speaking of family heritage, the debut project features a mixture of McKamey classics as well as new songs. Setting the pace and the theme song of the group is “The Message” written by Connie’s sister Sheryl, who throughout the years has written many songs that the McKameys recorded in their career. “Always” originally was an acapella feature, but this time it is given an easy listening simple arrangement featuring Roger. “I Will Trust You Lord” was one of the first songs McKamey Legacy posted to the internet when the announcement that there could be a new group on the rise. It features Eli and is again written by Sheryl Farris. It has a beautiful message that the idea of trusting the Lord in ALL things never changes.

The next song is a surprising one especially when a Christmas song is placed on a mainstream release. However, from a musical arrangement standpoint, the chords and voicing of this song is unlike any other arrangement of this song you’ve ever heard. It doesn’t matter if the temperature is 95°, this is a unique and brilliant arrangement. The first up-tempo song is “Gonna Be Gone” featuring Roger. This is a barnburner for sure and features a nice little instrumental interlude. The next soulful song is proper my favorite song on the album featuring Eli. “The Lord is My Strength” is a song that everyone can relate to. The piano accompaniment is great, and the simple but profound lyrics makes this a definite standout.

“Still” was the debut single and is a Sheryl Farris penned offering featuring Connie. It is exactly the song that you would expect for the McKameys or in this case McKamey Legacy to record. “God Is Still Good” is a classic song that many churches have sung for years. It’s a family feature, and then near the end Connie takes the lead on. “The Rising of the Son” is a song that originally featured Eli’s grandmother Peg or Nanny as he affectionately calls her. Here, while Eli doesn’t get as excited as his grandma, he does believer a great rendition. This new update to a classic stays true but gives it a modern feel. The final song is one from the 80s that the McKamey’s would sing nightly. This song is still just as relevant today as it was then. “Dust on the Altar” features Connie on the second verse and Roger in the chorus. It closes the album with a heartfelt cry to return to “seek out the old paths”.

McKamey Legacy is a tribute but also a way of establishing a new era in the McKamey well…legacy. A lot of people were asking what would happen after The McKameys retired. While the excitement and energy of Peg is not as prevalent, the message, and the heartfelt realness is still just as evident.

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