REVIEW: The Kramers – Sing Me There

Producer: Wayne Haun
Record Label: StowTown Records

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The album begins with the title track “Sing Me There,” a pure southern gospel track from Jason Cox, Jeff Bumgardner, and Kenna Turner West. This easily sounds like something that Daryl Williams would have written and been recorded by a family group in the mid 90s. It’s great to hear a song in this style brought back. If it’s any indication this album is about to get started off right. “Because We Believe” features the entire ensemble singing different lines. This is an affirmation of just what we as followers of Christ: “Because we believe we have hope in this world.” It is somewhat of a modern interpretation of the Apostles creed.

Rachel Kramer has a very soothing voice and when accompanied by a brilliant lyric from the pen of Rachel McCutcheon and Rodney Griffin “God Will Meet You There” is a winning combination. Ben Wolfe, the husband of Maria Kramer Wolfe and the son of Gerald Wolfe, sings “All Day Every Day” which is a great uptempo song written by Matthew Lawson and Nathan Woodard. “Take Heed My Son” is a message of a father to his son. This features and was written by Scott Kramer the patriarch of the family. This is a great message, and the bridge reminds us “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Tim Lovelace is associated with comedy and funny songs but when joined by Belinda Smith and Blake Walker the next song is such a reflection and a beautiful piece of music. Featuring Maria, “What the Soldiers Didn’t See” is captivating. Throughout the Bible, the life of Christ from age 12 to 30 is a mystery. “You at 33” is a new take on those years. Things we don’t know (but through the inspiration of songwriters, in this case Joel Lindsey), these are some of the things at those unknown ages could have been possible. This is definitely a standout delivered by Ben so be sure to give this one a listen.

“His Best Work” is a mid tempo track with some fun play on words and phrases. Ultimately it is telling us that “a soul that’s saved is His best work.” Talk about a different kind of style, “If There Was One Song” features the entire group and is written by Scott. What a fun lyric and arrangement. I love the next song. “Let Me Be the Well” comes from the brilliant duo of Joel Lindsey and Wayne Haun. Those two have brought countless Southern Gospel classics. This song is a beautiful prayer: “Let me be the well where they come to find You.” The penultimate song is “I Know There is a Heaven,” and I’ll tell you first hand if you’ve ever lost a loved one, and while everyone has, this song is such a comfort. The orchestrations are lush, and the vocals are top notch. This song is probably the highlight of the album for sure. From beginning to end the emotion captured in this one is definitely a moment. The final track is another ensemble song that has only one purpose: to bring us into a place of worship and honor to the One and Only King of Kings. “He is Jesus,” written by Rachel McCutcheon, reminds us “Forever He is, Forever He’ll be…Jesus”

Sing Me There is the sophomore release from StowTown for the Kramers. It is a collection of powerful songs with brilliant orchestrations. Definitely take time to listen to this one where ever you can buy it, download it, or stream it. You won’t be disappointed.

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