REVIEW: Joseph & Lindsay Habedank – Together

Producer: Lindsay Habedank
Record Label: Independent Release

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“In 2013, after three years of marriage, our whole world changed and we quickly found ourselves trying to survive the many challenges of Joseph’s addiction. If we could take you on a musical journey into the promises that somehow got through all of the chaos and into our hearts, these are the songs you would’ve heard over the last nine years. Our hope is that no matter where you are in life, these songs will encourage you to believe that God still works miracles. We’ve seen Him do it. “ 

– Joseph & Lindsay Habedank

When most couples announce they are going to record and release a “love song” album, it’s filled with saccharine songs that have been record ad naseum. While there is a market for that, that’s not what this album is. This album is a journey through pain and into ultimate redemption. Each song is a foundational truth. This surprise release from multi-award winning singer/songwriter is one of the best shadow dropped album for 2022. Together is just that: an album combining the talents of both Joseph and his wife Lindsay in a series of 6 duet covers spanning multiple styles. This album introduces the familiar voice of Joseph Habedank joined with his wife who compliments him perfectly. Their duet rivals that of so many husband/wife duos throughout all genres of music.

The album opens with the song that is essentially the modus operandi of this entire journey. “Together” is not only the title track, but it is a beautiful song that comes from veteran CCM artist Steven Curtis Chapman. If you know the back story of this song, you understand why both Joseph and Lindsay set the entire tone for the album by this one song. “Restore” is the next song, and it introduces the beautiful complimentary vocals of Lindsay in this duet from Chris August that is perfect for any struggling marriage, but it can apply to anyone in any situation: “…I know you feel like you’re falling apart; and you can’t go on anymore. But God is a God who knows how to heal…” What a beautiful message.

If there was a song of the church written in the last 50 years to be the perfect one in the midst of adversity, I dare say that the Andraè Crouch classic “Through It All.” It is probably at the top of the list for sure. This is a definite must listen! When the movie Fireproof came out, there was a theme song from that film entitled “Love is Not a Fight.” Joseph and Lindsay bring new life into this song. For many people this will probably be their first experience with this brilliant lyric from Warren Barfield. I love the hook of this song: “Love is not a fight, but it’s something worth fighting for.”

Sometimes, when in the midst of a trial and conflict, we look for who to blame. Well, I love the fact that on this album there is an entire song dedicated to the fact that even though the devil tries to destroy and take away, the reality is he is “Under My Feet” and has no power whatsoever! This anthem from Zach Williams fits both Joseph and Lindsay so well. The final song this album is another Lindsay feature. I’m so glad that Lindsay is just as much of a forefront vocalist as Joseph is. The complimentary way they support each other, not just vocally, is also a testament to their marriage. “I’ve Seen Him Do It” is the testimony song of Joseph and Lindsay. The modulations and the emotion are superb. That’s so evident in this song. You just feel it!

So how do you sum up this album? My only real complaint is that six songs are too short by the end of the album. It leaves you wanting more. That’s not a negative critique. I think that is a very good thing. Maybe there will be more Lindsay features on albums from here on out. I just have to say this album could be a game changer for Joseph and Lindsay. While Joseph’s solo ministry is thriving and doing well, the addition of Lindsay’s vocals was and is an unexpected surprise. Hopefully some of this songs will be staged in concert so other people can hear them.

Go and buy, stream, download, and listen to Together by Joseph and Lindsay Habedank.

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