REVIEW: Greater Vision – Think About There

Producer: Gerald Wolfe & Trey Ivey
Record Label: Daywind Records

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For the first time in three years,  Greater Vision, Southern Gospel’s favorite Trio, has released a new project.  It is entitled “Think About There” and it is themed around songs about heaven.  As I listened this, it made excited about heaven and being with God forever.  Gerald Wolfe, Rodney Griffin, Chris Allman, and Jon Epley has included songs written by some of the best writers in Southern Gospel like Bill and Gloria Gaither, Lanny Wolfe, Lee Black, Sue C Smith, Rachel McCutcheon, Karen Gillespie, Jim Brady as well ones from Rodney, Chris and Jon.  All together it is one of the best projects they have ever done, in my opinion.  A great blend of fast moving songs and slower powerful ballads.

The project begins with the title song, “Think About There”  No matter what life you are experiencing now, imagine what it will be like on the other side where no more tears exist.  Chris sings lead on this song co-written by Lee Black and Rodney.  It will be a chart topper when they release as a single.   The second song on the project is “I Know A God Like That”, another Rodney Griffin song which asks the question if there a God who could do anything and who stands alone and of course, we all know a God like that.

Along the same theme is the next offering, “This Kind of Friend” with Jon Epley singing lead. It is a great ballad.  The first single from the project is next.  It is a song that brings up some cherished memories of some of the saints in my church that I remember in my youth.  They were the ones who were there every Sunday, sitting in the same pew, worshiping with perhaps a hand raised, singing praises with song and the occasional Amens.  Jim Brady collaborated with Rodney to pen “Older People”.  One line says it all about those older people whether in our past or perhaps us in that age now, “Their wisdom is a treasure.”

The first song I remember Greater Vision singing was the classic “My Name is Lazarus”, that Rodney wrote many years ago but is still an all-time great.  Now so many years later, Rodney once again pinned a song about Lazarus.  He sings the lead in this fast-paced hand-clapping song that says it, “Sitting at The Table With Lazarus”.  Could you imagine the stories of heaven that he told those at that table.  I listened to Gerald Wolfe’s keyboard.  He was on fire with that song. 

One of my personal favorite songs on this project is next.  A Chris Allman penned offering entitled, “I’ll Never Break The Heart of God.”  He also sings the lead on this one about heaven and how we never do anything that will disappoint or break the heard of God, once we get there.  One memorable line comes in the bridge where it says, “Have you imagined that God will no longer have to wipe his tears away?”  Wow, we know there will be no more tears in heaven for the saint of God, but I never thought about how God will no longer worry or fret over us.

In “A Street of Glory”, is song that talks about heaven again and how Jesus turned a broken road into a street of Glory.  The next song, written and sung by Jon Epley, is a beautiful song about healing, “Your Healing Is On The Way.”  Your pain is temporary and God may be using your testimony to touch lives but he is on his way to soon take it away.   

Chris wrote and sings the fast-paced offering, “You Better Get On Board.”  You will get those hands together again with this about Noah and what we need to tell lost sinners.  Like the other fast-paced song, Gerald’s piano stands out in this one as well.

The last two songs are older songs that still carry a powerful message today.  Each of them sings a verse of the classic Gaither song, “These Are They.”  This song has such a great message about heaven and though it is not heard of much as other songs they wrote about heaven, this one paints such a beautiful picture for us of what a triumphant entry it will be up there.

Finally the project ends with the classic Lanny Wolfe song, “Someone Is Praying For You”.  Jon sings such a wonderful promise for all of us.  No matter our walk in life whether you are a older saint, a young Christian.  Whether a teenager, a child, or even a pastor.  We can all have clouds, storms in our lives or just some encouragement, it is nice that someone is praying for you.

I highly recommend this project from one of my favorite groups.  I hope to get to one of their concerts to see them perform the songs from this great project.

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