REVIEW: Jeff & Sheri Easter – Treasure

Producer: Jeff Easter, Sheri Easter, Greg Cole
Record Label: Gaither Music Group

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Jeff and Sheri Easter are one of my go-to groups for easy listening.  And their new album, Treasure, is sure to be another of my favorites in their collection.  Their heart for this music and the Gospel message continues to be expressed beautifully with each passing year and new musical production.  Their same heart is shown in this musical treasure, starting out with One Name, a song that holds true to the classic Easter song sound, with a bit of a more modern touch accompanied by the soothing harmonies of The Sound backing up this tune.

Here Comes Jesus, their newly released single, has to be my favorite from this album.  I love the way the song speaks to so many relatable situations, describing just every-day instances in which we can find Jesus coming to the rescue just when we need Him.  Featuring the rich vocals of guest vocalist, Mo Pitney, this song is so relatable and carries a catchy tune.

One of the things that captivates audiences and listeners is not only the sweet sound of the Easters, but also the hearts behind their ministry.  Their hearts for each other.  You not only can see the love in the way they interact on and off stage, but it also can be heard through their music and the way their voices harmonize and blend so beautifully.  Because of that, I think their love songs so sweetly touch souls.  How to Love You, with its upbeat melody and catchy rhymes, is a fun song that once again delivers the message of their sweet love by expressing through unique comparisons, how easy it is to know how to love someone.  And at the end…surprise!  You just might hear Dolly Parton!

My favorite lyric on this album is found in the next song, Fall into Place.  “Maybe just maybe it takes everything falling apart for everything to fall into place.”  This is not only a beautiful song musically, but its message is one of beauty, resonating in the hearts of anyone dealing with difficult, unexplainable circumstances.

Another thing I love about many of the Easters’ songs is their story-telling style.  The Only Way He Knew How tells the story of a dad and how he loves and how love is often missed because it is expressed in actions rather than words. 

Up next…No Rock.  Quite fittingly, this song has a bit of an upbeat rock rhythm and feel to it.  Sherri once again rocked the vocals on this unique toe-tapper, singing about how we must sing about God’s goodness.

Another song on the topic of love, ’ll Speak Love, is a beautiful song featuring Jeff; although this time focusing on speaking the love of Christ to the world – a song the whole word could stand to hear.

Next up is Don’t Waste The Rain, a more bluesy tune matching it’s message on rain, fittingly paired with the soulful accompaniment of Jeff’s harmonica playing. 

Nearing the end of the album, The Giving Part is a beautiful song with the message of how giving in life makes life meaningful, incorporating the story of a man and how he served faithfully until the end of His life. And lastly, the album ends with an upbeat, happy tune, Sunshine on a Cloudy Day, featuring the musical talents of The Archers.  It has a sunshiny, jazzy feel to it, with a fun vocal surprise mid-song by Sheri and the Archers, mimicking the peppy instrumentation.

Treasure is definitely a fitting title for this album. Each song is a special gem, whether because of the message it delivers, or the soloist is features.  So many precious jewels are hidden in each song – with a  variety of different feels and instrumental styles, all while staying within the Easter sound all the listeners love.  Treasure is an album you will want to have in your collection to listen to all throughout the years.    

Stacy Compagner

Raised on a farm in Michigan, I am currently a Junior at Libertas Christian School. I am an avid fan of southern gospel music and enjoy singing with my sister for special music and attending as many concerts as we can. I also bake and work as a waitress at a local family restaurant. In my spare time, I enjoy writing, playing flute, spending time with animals, and doing crafts.
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