REVIEW: Tribute Quartet – Always Grace

Producer: Wayne Haun
Record Label: Daywind Records

Let’s kick off the new year with a GREAT album from one of the best quartets around. Tribute consists of Gary Casto, Josh Singletary, Gus Gaches and Ian Owens. The album opens up with “Halfway Up the Mountain” which is the perfect way to start this recording. It’s an infectious song that will definitely be in your head all day. “Too Broken” is a slow easy listening song from Lee Black and Sue C. Smith. It’s a beautiful message that is so relevant. “Nobody’s too broken; nobody’s too scarred.”

Gary Casto is such a communicator when he sings and this next song, “That’s Trusting God” from Jim Brady and Rodney Griffin, is another one to add to his repertoire. “It’s Always Been Grace” is where the title of the album comes from. “If you ask me the reason I praise; It’s always been grace”. Gus sings this one. (Just a little addendum, congrats Matthew Lawson for getting the title track!)

“Three Little Words” is up next. The late Dianne Wilkinson is so missed in the world of Southern Gospel. This is probably one of her last songs written. Joining her is Sue C. Smith so naturally this combo works. It’s so good to hear this style of song. It’s a great tribute (haha no pun intended) to a wonderful lady who is missed. I love the feel and lyric of “So Many Reasons.” It is probably my favorite track of the album that features each member on a line during the verses. It’s definitely one you want to hit repeat on.

There can never be enough songs about the cross, and Gus delivers “The Cross Tells a Different Story” with such conviction. Barry Weeks, Kenna Turner West, and Lee Black really knocked this one out of the park! Speaking of those three, they also wrote “Mercy’s Gonna Meet You There” which is next and features some great bass singing from Ian. Such a fun track! Definitely turn this one up and enjoy it. While he’s not quiet in person, it’s taken a while through the album to get a Josh Singletary feature, but when the funny man gets serious, he can deliver some very heartfelt lyrics. “Glory” is a gorgeous lyric with some beautiful orchestrations from Wayne Haun. Rounding out the recording is another group feature, “Free Indeed.” It’s a catchy tune, and I can see this working so well in concert. Definitely one of those that can be reprised.

Always Grace is exactly what you expect from Tribute. Definitely a great way to start out 2023. There’s a lot of new music scheduled for 2023, and this is a great “kick off” for a new year! Be sure to stream, download, or buy Always Grace! You’ll be glad you did

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