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Concert Highlights: The Martins & Mickey Bell


Comedian, Mickey Bell. (Photo by L. Ramsey)

Aiken, SC – May 19th, 2023– On this installment of AGM Concert Highlights, we catch up with vocal harmony powerhouse, THE MARTINS, and the side-splitting hilarity of Christian Comedian MICKEY BELL. 

The ever-so-funny, Mickey Bell, opened the show to a nearly packed house. Sharing his heart through laughter and encouragement, the crowd was good and primed for the tight family harmonies of the Gaither Homecoming Alumni, The Martins.

If you grew up in the very popular Gaither Homecoming Era of Southern Gospel Music, you are very familiar with the voices of siblings Joyce, Judy, & Jonathan. They set the standard when it comes to acapella singing and family harmony. 

L-R Jonathan, Judy, Joyce. (photo by L. Ramsey)

Opening the set with the hopeful mid-tempo song “A New Day”, we are reminded that the past has no power over us because God has given us “A New Day” through His grace and forgiveness.  Next up was one of the beautiful Acapella medleys that we are all so familiar with and have come to love over the years.  The fun and upbeat “Count Your Blessings” quickly had the crowd clapping along. As they slow things back down with the beautiful acapella rendition of “He Leadeth Me” we are reminded of the blessed thought, that no matter where we go in life or whatever we may do God is still right there leading the way. Up next is the peppy quick tempo tune “Running” with this song, It’s hard not to get those toes tapping and hands clapping with a big smile on your face.


Judy Martin Hess, )Photo by L. Ramsey)

The next song comes after Judy shares a few words about her personal struggle with Depression, “Wherever You Are” reminds us, we are never too far away that God cannot reach us. No matter where we go in life, He has already been there. He knows the beginning from the end, and He will never leave us nor forsake us.

 Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us “ Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.” 

Judy & Joyce, (photo by L Ramsey)

The next series of songs were covers, the first being the popular worship song “I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever” from their “Glorify, Edify, Testify” album. The second is of a Jason Crabb classic “Somebody Like Me” off of their “New Day” album. The third comes from their “A Cappella” record and is a Bob Marley medley “ Shut De Do/Three Little Birds” with a fun Jamaican flare. The last of the series of cover songs (and my personal favorite) is a classic Elvis Presley hit “ You’ll Never Walk Alone” done Acappella as only The Martins can do.

At this time, Joyce shares from her heart a few of her own struggles and fears, and what happens when life falls apart and we get things that we never expected. She reminds us with “Days Like This” that God is just as real, and just as good when we are overwhelmed and over our heads. God is still God on Days Like This. 

Joyce, Judy, & Jonathan. (Photo by L. Ramsey)

Closing out the evening with the Title track from their newest album “Still Standing” we are once again reminded that with God we can overcome any situation.

“Thank the Lord, I don’t have to walk this life alone

I’ve got someone stronger than me,…I’ve been through the fire, been through the flood

Battled the storm, walked through some mud

But thanks to the blood, I’m still standing

Been through some trials, been through some pain

Been through the valley but I overcame

All by the power of His name, I’m still standing”

In closing, I’d say the overall theme of the night was simply “GOD HAS GOT THIS! “ if you have God, you can face anything life throws at you and come out Still Standing. 


Mickey Bell, surprised Jonathan Martin (who was celebrating a birthday) with a plate of his favorite donuts! Happy Birthday Jonathan. (photo by L. Ramsey)

Be sure to catch the Martins & Mickey Bell on tour. 

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