REVIEW: Buddy Mullins – Fearless

Producer: Buddy Mullins & Jason Webb

Record Label: StowTown Records



Before becoming the lead singer of the Booth Brothers, Buddy Mullins had already established himself as a fantastic vocalist and songwriter. Fans of Southern Gospel recognized him from his days with the Mullins Family and a brief stint as the lead singer of the Gaither Vocal Band in the 90s. Fans of CCM from the same era would recognize him as the lead singer of pop band Sunday Drive who had the chance to tour the nation with hit makers like Clay Crosse and share the stage with legends like dc Talk, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Amy Grant among others.


During the mid ’00s, Buddy hit the road with his wife and good friend Channing Eleton as the group Everyday Driven. The group blended modern worship and southern gospel harmonies to perfection. Buddy then came off the road to focus on his family’s mission outfit Hope for the World.


Upon Ronnie Booth’s exit from the Booth Brothers, Buddy landed the gig to great industry and fan applause. Fearless is Buddy’s first solo record in many years. Co-produced with Jason Webb, Fearless features a bevy of inspirational and pop infused songs, all either written or cowritten by Mullins.


The album kicks off with the impressive pop number “Moment of Hope.” The piano accompaniment drives the song to perfection. A sure album highlight is the second track, “Hold These Walls.” The song was inspired by a trip to the Caribbean where Buddy and his wife experienced the terrors of a hurricane firsthand. This song is a lyrical triumph and has already become a fan favorite.


The title cut, “Fearless,” features Buddy’s stellar vocals and a jazzy, driving arrangement. “Giant Fall” is some of Buddy’s finest writing on this recording. The edgy, pop anthem features a striking melody that is pure ear-candy. “Killer” may catch some listeners off guard. This bluesy rocker is an album highlight that features an unforgettable rap bridge by Buddy’s son-in-law.


A couple of the album’s ballads really stand out as well, specifically “Safe & Sound.” The specific stories interspersed throughout make the song extremely relatable. The album closer, “Trust You,” is another fantastic song. The beautiful, simple piano accompaniment helps to highlight Buddy’s stunning vocals and impressive songwriting.


Overall, fans of the Booth Brothers’ more progressive leaning will love what they find on this album. Fearless is a triumph from start to finish, thanks to Mullins’ relatable lyrics and breath-of-fresh-air vocal delivery.

(Check out Buddy’s interview about the record here: Artist Interview: Buddy Mullins – Hope For The World – Absolutely Gospel Music


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