REVIEW: Westward Road – City of Light

Family groups are nothing new to Southern Gospel. Westward Road is a talented Southern Gospel family trio, comprised of Scott Roberts, his wife Kelli, and their son Garrett. City of Light shines with its heartfelt lyrics, exceptional harmonies, and the undeniable passion that Westward Road pours into every song. From the very first track, the album transports listeners to a place of hope and joy.
Each song on City of Light carries a powerful message. The title track is a modern worship song with a slight country vibe. Their lyrics are filled with hope, reminding us that even in the darkest moments, there is a light that guides us. “I Come Boldly,” written by Scott, has the makings of a song that could become a worship classic. It is that good. If you listen to no other track be sure to listen to this one! “Love One Another” is from the pen of Cindy Morgan along with all three group members. While I’m not sure who contributed how much of the lyric, I have been a Cindy Morgan fan for years, and this song is another one of her masterpieces.
“We’re all struggling trying to get it right. Traveling down different roads to get there. We used to sing we’re all precious in His sight. Somehow the way we’re goin’ is going nowhere.” If that doesn’t make you feel something. perhaps you should check if you have a pulse. The other real highlight is the ballad “There is A Cross.” I definitely could see this song working well at radio! Hopefully it gets released as a single. Westward Road’s passion for their craft shines through in every note, making this album an absolute joy to listen to.
In summary, City of Light by Westward Road will leave you inspired, encouraged, and filled with hope. It’s an album that deserves to be heard by music lovers of all genres. So give it a chance. You might just find a new favorite.
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