REVIEW: Kelly Garner – It’s Not Over

Kelly Garner grew up singing gospel music from a young age, attending Good Ole Gospel Sings at her grandparents’ church in Alabama. With this God-given love for singing and songwriting, Kelly wrong many hit songs while staff writing at Centergy, including “I Stand Redeemed” by Legacy Five, “My God Will Always Be Enough” by Karen Peck, “Stand and Testify” by Vestal Goodman and the Martins, as well as countless others. Kelly Garner is now back to pursuing her first love, the very reason she moved to Nashville 33 years ago, to be a recording artist-songwriter and use her gift of music to encourage others.


To start this fun listening experience is “Good Ole Gospel Sing” which sets the stage bringing back memories of those old-time camp meetings and brush arbor singings with dinner on the ground. The new modern worship song “Waymaker” shows that regardless of style Kelly can evermore sing it. “It’s Not Over” has that classic Gospel feel complete with a mass choir. Many of the songs include this and I can’t love it enough!


“My God is Still Good” is a song we can all relate to at some point. No matter what the situation – God is STILL good. I love this song so much. I had to hit repeat after this one. A simple string and piano arrangement of “It’s My Desire” delivers a heartfelt prayer to be surrendered. When listening to a project and especially if it’s someone I’m not very familiar with, I’m always excited when I hear a song that captures my attention. “The Day I Get Home” caught my eye as soon as I read it. I couldn’t wait to hear it. It was everything I expected. From the arrangement, the lyric, the bridge all of it just comes together as one perfect marriage. This is the stand out moment for me.

“Testimony” picks up the tempo and gives some great piano licks and is a fun song for sure especially when the choir comes in. “The Risen Lamb” is the big ballad that every Gospel album usually has. I could hear this in an Easter cantata for sure as the penultimate song. The Rev. Thomas A Dorsey wrote “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” and after all these years the comfort found in those lyrics is still just as evident.  “I Will Not Hope in Something Less” is a modern worship song and is a great song that many churches could implement into their Sunday morning services immediately.  Speaking of worship songs, the now classic “Revelation Song” is next. The ad libs in the intro of this song sounded almost like Sandi Patty in tone. There is just something about this song no matter who is singing it, you’re pulled in. “When I Call on the Name of the Lord” is a traditional Gospel number and feel with some awesome chords on the piano. In the last few years, “The Goodness of God” has become an anthem for so many. Kelly’s interpretation is just as good as any other version I’ve heard. The final song, “Forgive Myself,” is such a beautiful song. However, the great part is it is a duet featuring Joseph Habedank. The lyrics are so fitting. What a beautiful moment. This is actually the single that has been released.


I wasn’t that familiar with Kelly Garner except for as a songwriter before listening to this album. I’m so glad I took the chance and listened. I’ve found a new album to definitely add to my rotation. It’s safe to say that if you don’t know who this is, open up and listen to a new artist altogether…I almost guarantee you’ll find at least one or two or fourteen songs you like.

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