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Jana’s Journal: ” The Unyielding Spirit”

A Lesson from 2 Samuel 23 and Nehemiah 4:17~ November 2023

Jana Hinson

In the hustle and bustle of life, we often find ourselves in situations that test our resolve, our faith, and our strength. It is in these moments that we must remember the timeless wisdom found in the scriptures, particularly in 2 Samuel 23 and Nehemiah 4:17. These passages remind us of the importance of perseverance, of never giving up, and of the power of unwavering faith.

I would like to focus on Shammah for a moment. 2 Samuel 23:11&12, says that Shammah was one of David’s mighty men. He got word that the Philistines were coming into the city, and the Israelites were in a lentil patch, most likely harvesting the peas. Shammah had decided that they were not going to take this Pea patch and destroy it.
While everyone else fled, Shammah stood in the middle of the patch of lentils and fought the enemy off. The Bible says, “the Lord won a great victory.” One man with Gods help fought an entire troop of Philistines, and defeated them! Pause for one second to think about what one person can do if God is with them.

In that same chapter, we find the last words of David, a man who knew all too well the trials and tribulations of life. He was a shepherd boy who became a king, a warrior who faced giants, and a man after God’s own heart who made mistakes but never stopped seeking God’s will. His life was a testament to the power of perseverance and faith.
David’s last words were not of defeat, but of victory. He spoke of the everlasting covenant God had made with him, a covenant that was “ordered in all things, and secure.” Despite the challenges he faced, David never gave up. He kept fighting, kept believing, and kept trusting in God’s promises. His life serves as a powerful reminder that no matter what we face, we must never give up. We must keep fighting, keep believing, and keep trusting in God’s promises.

In Nehemiah 4:17, we find another powerful example of perseverance. The people of Jerusalem were rebuilding their city wall, a task that was both physically and emotionally demanding. They faced opposition, ridicule, and threats of attack. Yet, they did not give up. They kept working, with one hand doing the work and the other holding a weapon. They were ready to fight, ready to defend, and ready to complete the task God had given them.
Nehemiah’s people were not just building a wall; they were rebuilding their faith, their community, and their identity. They were fighting for their future, and they were not about to give up. Their determination and perseverance serve as a powerful reminder that we too must keep fighting, keep working, and keep believing, even when the task seems impossible.

The lessons from 2 Samuel 23 and Nehemiah 4:17 are clear. Life will throw challenges our way. We will face opposition, ridicule, and threats. But we must never give up. We must keep fighting, keep believing, and keep trusting in God’s promises. We must remember that we are not just building walls; we are building our faith, our community, and our identity. We are fighting for our future, and we are not about to give up.

So, let us take heart from these scriptures. Let us remember David’s unwavering faith, Shammah’s bravery and Nehemiah’s unyielding determination. Let us keep fighting, keep believing, and keep trusting in God’s promises. For in the end, it is not the size of the challenge that matters, but the size of our faith. And with God on our side, we can face any challenge, overcome any obstacle, and achieve any goal.

So, let us never give up. Let us keep fighting. For our victory is assured in Christ Jesus.

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